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Muhammad Dahlan was infected with Corona after participating in a party in Dubai .. Has his body entered the new strain? | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Emirati opposition figure Abdullah Al-Taweel revealed, during a tweet on his personal Twitter account, that the Palestinian leader, who was dismissed from Fatah, had been injured. Mohammed Dahlan, advisor to the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed, with the Coronavirus “Covid 19”.

And “the long“During a tweet he (Watan) monitored, that there is information about Muhammad Dahlan’s infection with the Corona virus.

He explained that this happened after his participation in a celebration in the Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Muhammad Dahlan was infected with Corona virus

Many tweeters and activists interacted with the news of Dahlan’s infection with Corona.

While no one has made any positive comments, wishing the safety of the man who played malicious roles in the Middle East. He was an arm of Mohammed bin Zayed in the numerous plots of the Emirates in many Arab countries.

In this, one of the commentators on behalf of Yasser said, in response to the news of Dahlan’s infection with corona: “In a shrewd Lord, you press on himself and suffocate him in her watch.”

As for another tweeter, he commented a supplication against Dahlan and said: “Oh God, make it in him and everyone who is pleased with him and make it with their demise, O mighty of the heavens and the earth.

The new Corona strain in the Emirates

And the “Associated Press” news agency published a report prepared by John Cambrel, in which he said that Dubai after it had opened its doors to those celebrating the New Year. It has become blamed for the spread of the Corona virus in a number of countries, with the spread of questions about the emirate’s ability to deal with Covid-19.

The Dubai Media Office said at the time that the sheikhdom was doing its best to confront the epidemic, although it avoided repeatedly answering questions related to hospital capacity.

A statement received by the agency said, “After a year of dealing with the epidemic, we are confident that the current situation will be controlled. We have plans to enhance health care capabilities if needed. ”

But Nasser Al Sheikh, the former Dubai finance official, offered a different view, in a tweet on Twitter when he demanded that the authorities control the mounting pressure.

“The leadership assesses its decisions on recommendations from the team, the wrong recommendations that endanger human lives and negatively affect our society,” he said. “Our economy needs accountability,” he added.

Some new strains have been linked in Dubai. Britain decided to stop traveling to the Emirates due to the spread of a new strain of the virus that first appeared in South Africa there.

Known for its aviation, its tallest building, beaches and bars, Dubai was the first tourist destination in the world to announce a return to normal life in July.

The move stopped the bleeding in the tourism and real estate sector caused by the closure. After the return of tourism, cases of Corona virus began. Slowly increasing, although it remained stable.

Then came the New Year celebrations, and young Prime Time Zone celebrated in bars and yachts without wearing masks. Cases increased during the 17 days. Long queues for examination.

And with the Israeli entity, 900 tourists who returned from Dubai were infected with the virus, according to the army, which is conducting follow-up operations for injuries.

The returnees created a series of cases of up to 4,000 Prime Time Zone, according to the Israeli army’s statements to the agency.

Tens of thousands of Israeli settlers flocked to Dubai after the normalization deal.

Bikini in Dubai

In Britain, popular newspapers published influential images on “YouTube” in bikini in Dubai during the period that the country is suffering from a deadly wave of the virus.

In mid-January, Britain closed the travel corridor that allowed tourists to bypass quarantine after an increase in cases in the UAE.

Health Minister Matt Hancock said: “International travel should not be allowed now except when necessary,” and “No parties in Paris or weekends in Dubai. This no longer exists and is against the law. ”

And Denmark discovered a traveler from Dubai, as a result of his examination, he was infected with the new strain of Covid-19, which appeared in South Africa.

In the Philippines, the authorities discovered a new strain of Covid-19 that appeared in Britain after the return of a traveler from Dubai who had visited it on a commercial flight on December 27. He came back on January 7 and tested positive.

He had no symptoms before traveling to Dubai. The Philippines discovered a British strain of Corona on 16 Filipinos, two of them came from Lebanon. The daily cases in Dubai reached 4,000.

Qatar has suspended flights to several countries, including the UAE, due to the outbreak of the virus.

Dubai is powerless

The UAE relies on its hopes to provide the vaccine to the population, as Abu Dhabi distributes the Chinese vaccine, while Dubai distributes the Pfizer-Bionic vaccine and has so far provided it to 2.8 million Prime Time Zone.

However, there are those who question Dubai’s ability to handle the new wave.

The World Health Organization said the UAE has 13,250 beds for nine million Prime Time Zone.

Dubai set up a field hospital, while Abu Dhabi built more. But Dubai closed the 3,000-bed field hospital in July. On the same day it opened its doors to tourists.

The UAE recorded about 297,000 cases of the “Corona” virus, which resulted in 826 deaths.

Dahlan and the upcoming Palestinian elections

According to what was published by the “Arab Post” website several days ago, citing informed Fatah sources, there are efforts being made before. Egyptian and Jordanian intelligence service. It aims to persuade Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to change his position of preventing Dahlan and his movement from participating in the upcoming elections, which were announced by Palestinian presidential decree weeks ago.

The sources said that this comes in addition to Abbas’s demand that Dahlan, accompanied by another leader in the reform movement, participate in Fatah. In the meeting of the secretaries-general of the Palestinian factions to be held in Cairo on the 15th of next February.

The source added, “The vision of Egypt and Jordan is that Dahlan and his movement must participate in the elections, as a prelude to conducting an internal, inclusive reconciliation afterwards. It may develop into Abbas’s call to convene the Eighth Congress of Fatah to return Dahlan to the parent movement, and to reunite it. In a way that guarantees its stability and superiority over the traditional opponents in the Palestinian arena, namely Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

In the same context, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas approved a number of amendments to the laws on the judiciary and elections in the Palestinian territories.

The presidential amendments included clear provisions prohibiting Muhammad Dahlan’s movement from participating in the upcoming Palestinian elections, while an official position did not come out until this moment permanently, whether to allow or reject Dahlan’s participation in the upcoming elections. However, executives close to Palestinian President Abbas hinted at this several times.

This issue is still the subject of controversy among the Palestinian political parties. The competing political blocs such as Hamas and the Palestinian left did not present a position in support or rejection of the Palestinian president’s steps against Dahlan.

Emirati support does not end

It is worth noting the role the UAE is playing in Dahlan’s uncle, who is separated from Fatah, in the upcoming election battle, by exploiting the humanitarian crises plaguing the sector and providing support to the Prime Time Zone of the sector through Dahlan’s mediation.

The UAE provided relief and medical aid through relief institutions supervised by Dahlan and his movement, known as the Democratic Reform Movement.

The Emirati and other Dahlan media continue. By directing him as one of the heroes who were systematically and deliberately excluded by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

This is confirmed by the recent investigation, which was broadcast by the Cairo-based Al-Kufiya TV, which receives funding from the UAE. In two parts, under the title “The Missing Story”, it shows what Dahlan was subjected to by Abbas.

All these indicators indicate that there is a great Emirati desire for Dahlan to become one of the most important players in the Palestinian arena, and for this reason, it began promoting the projects that it finances and supervises in the Palestinian arena, specifically in the Gaza Strip, to attract the votes of the masses in favor of Dahlan.

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Muhammad Dahlan was infected with Corona after participating in a party in Dubai .. Has his body entered the new strain?  |  A nation is tweeting out of tune