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The Egyptian journalist Amr Adib renewed his attack on the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, after the death of the pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr.

Amr Adeeb said during the presentation of his program “Al-Hekaya” on the channel “Mbc Egypt” that the death of the pilot is a lesson to Muhammad Ramadan and will haunt him for the whole life.

Adeeb sent a message to Muhammad Ramadan, saying: “Continue, Muhammad, you are walking on the right track. My soul is reading the words that are written about you today. Our Lord is the hands of every one on his intention and makes all the supplication of the Prime Time Zone today part of your share.”

He added: “God has mercy on Abu Al-Yusr and other needs. There is no room for me to mention now, O Muhammad, O Ramadan. We told you to take the mind of the man before he dies. “.

Amr Adeeb showed his telephone conversation with the pilot Abu Al-Yusr before his death, and waved to file a fifth case against Muhammad Ramadan, saying: “Go make another video, O Muhammad, O Ramadan, so that I file a new case on you.

Mohamed Ramadan closes the comments

Muhammad Ramadan has closed the comment feature on a post in which the pilot, Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr, mourned, who died yesterday, after his health deteriorated in a Cairo hospital.

This came after comments accusing Ramadan of causing the deterioration of the health of the pilot who was suspended because of him, and that he killed him unintentionally after destroying his career.

Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr’s lawyer: We will rehabilitate him after his death

This was confirmed by Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr’s lawyer, who also accused Muhammad Ramadan of causing his death, stressing that his recent health crisis began coinciding with the famous crisis.

Magdy Helmy said in a telephone conversation with Amr Adeeb: “My client died in one way or another, due to the deterioration of his health, starting with the outbreak of his crisis with Muhammad Ramadan.”

Helmy added: “The deceased considered the decision to suspend him from work as a withdrawal of his soul from his body, and this resulted in his death in the end.”

Helmy explained that the pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr was devastated during the recent period and entered intensive care more than once, adding: “We should have rehabilitated him in his life and we will restore him, God willing, after his death.

Helmy revealed the scenes of the last days in Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr’s life, and said in another interview that he used to congratulate his client for the ruling issued to compensate him 6 million pounds from Muhammad Ramadan for causing him to dismiss him from flying and withdraw his license for life.

Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr’s lawyer added that Ashraf Abu Al-Yuser’s health condition was good 10 days ago, but he was surprised by shortness of breath and was transferred to a private hospital, and the tests revealed that he suffers from kidney problems that require his detention.

Amr Adib: I will take my right to the law

In a related context, Amr Adib escalated his crisis with Muhammad Ramadan only one day before the death of Abu Al-Yusr, and announced that he had submitted four reports against him to the prosecution and the office of the attorney general.

Amr Adeeb said, “I am not one of the figures who like to submit reports, but the person must take his right by the law, and what the law will rule I will abide by.”

Amr Adeeb indicated that he felt that there was a transgression against his person and arrogance, adding: “I want my right, because I am not a thug, and I will take my right by law and not by insults.”

Amr Adib will donate cash

And Amr Adeeb announced that any money he would get from Muhammad Ramadan as compensation, he would donate it to Abu Al-Rish Children’s Hospital.

He added, “Since we are in the holy month of Ramadan, I will put as much of my own money as they can.”

Amr Adeeb confirmed that he does not want money from Muhammad Ramadan.

He said: “He throws it in the pool, throws it in the air, so let him do what he wants, and in front of the law and the judiciary, we are all equal, neither is he number one, nor am I the great journalist, I am the author of communications and I am waiting to take my right.”

The crisis between the duo began after Amr Adib became agitated against Muhammad Ramadan, after the latter appeared in a clip described as a provocative throwing money on the ground, in response to a ruling issued against him obliging him to pay 6 million pounds for pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr.

Adeeb said at the time that Ramadan’s video was very provocative to the Prime Time Zone of Egypt, which the latter responded to with satirical videos from the Egyptian media.

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