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Muhammad Ramadan raises controversy by his behavior with a flight attendant on a bed on the plane .. Is it a message to his wife? | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan sparked widespread controversy on social media, due to his behavior with a flight attendant while traveling on his private plane.

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Muhammad Ramadan posted a video on “Instagram”, in which he was shown lying on a bed in the plane, then filming the flight attendant putting a blanket on it, and he thanked her.

Muhammad Ramadan attached the video with a comment in which he said: “The hostess, Hanina, is Rizk.”

Followers attacked Muhammad Ramadan for his behavior, and saw that he violated the privacy of the flight attendant while she was working. One of them wrote: “What is this deficiency? You see the hostess at your service. ”

Does Muhammad Ramadan irritate his wife?

He compared the last behavior of Mohamed Ramadan with the behavior of Moroccan artist Saad Lamjarred, and wrote: “You are very hungry. See Saad Al Majarid, much richer than you.

While others guessed that Muhammad Ramadan really separated from his wife, as was rumored a few days ago, and he wanted to send a message to her with this video.

And one of the comments read: “What is your wife’s reaction, see?”.

Another wrote: “We know the compassionate wife, Rizk, but the hostess is something new.”

The divorce of Muhammad Ramadan

Social networking sites in Egypt and the Arab world were filled with the news of the divorce of Muhammad Ramadan and his separation from his wife Nisreen a few days ago. As many sites reported this news before “Number One” came out and denied it, which caused a sensation.

And within record time, the name of Muhammad Ramadan Trend as usual and sparked controversy before he came out and denied this rumor, in statements to several sites.

It is noteworthy that Muhammad Ramadan is married to Nasreen El-Sayed Abdel-Fattah, who is the second wife he married after separating from his first wife in 2012.

Ramadan denied to several sites, including Al-Masry Al-Youm, this rumor, and said that he did not know who launched it. Emphasizing at the same time on stability. The relationship between him and his wife Nisreen.

And Muhammad Ramadan continued in his statements at the time that he was in Dubai to finish filming his new song versace.

“I am the hero”

In another context, Muhammad Ramadan released his new song “I am the hero”, on his official YouTube channel.

Contrary to usual, Mohammed Ramadan appeared with one look along the clip, as he wore a black leather jacket from the Italian fashion house “Fendi”, the price of which reached 3,553 dollars, equivalent to 55 thousand pounds, and black trousers and a basic gray top.

The events of the clip took place entirely within one site only, which is an office, and Muhammad Ramadan used the famous “Joker” mask.

And Muhammad Ramadan fell into a crisis when festival performers attacked Yusef Abd al-Qadir, nicknamed “Abu Asala,” Muhammad Ramadan. He accused him of stealing the rights to the song “I Am the Batal” from him. And confirming his responsibility for this accusation.
Abu Asala confirmed that he finished recording the song three years ago, and has broadcast his copy of it.

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