Muhammad Ramadan reveals the nationality of the dancers with him!


The Ministry of Civil Aviation in Egypt confirmed that the plane in which the artist Mohamed Ramadan appeared in the last video is private.

A well-informed source at the Ministry of Aviation said that Mohamed Ramadan is a private plane that the artist uses on his travels.

In an interview with (Cairo 24), the source confirmed that the two hosts who appeared to dance with the artist do not belong to EgyptAir.

The source indicated that the air hospitality of the national company EgyptAir operates on planes owned only by EgyptAir.

Professional and ethical responsibility

The source pointed out that EgyptAir’s hospitality enjoys professional and ethical responsibility, and its goal is to serve the company’s passengers only.

The source spoke about the legal position of the dance video with Ramadan.

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He said: (Air hospitality has specific functions stipulated internationally and comes in its entirety to the passenger service).

Adding: (whether on a private plane or a passenger plane).

The passenger service does not include his dancing!

He pointed out that the passenger service includes assisting the passenger with all inquiries and needs.

Noting that this does not fall within the scope of that dancing or keeping pace with the rider in what he needs.

Mohamed Ramadan dances with the flight attendants

The source clarified that the air hospitality has the right to object to the actions and behaviors of the passenger.

According to the source, it may amount to canceling his flight and disembarking if it comes to breaching privacy and violating security and safety standards.

The source confirmed that the company operating the hospitality crew is supposed to take a stand against the two hosts.

Referral for investigation

And he demanded that they be referred for investigation, commenting: (What they did is an insult to the profession of air hospitality in the whole world).

And Muhammad Ramadan posted a new video of him with the two flight attendants on his private plane.

Muhammad Ramadan topless on his plane

And that’s after the criticism and the attack that sparked his first video clip with them.

Nationality of flight attendants

Ramadan revealed in his comment about the nationality of the two dance hosts.

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He wrote: (The German host, Al-Farfosha, Bardou Rizk).

The Egyptian artist had appeared dancing with flight attendants on his private plane while traveling to El Gouna.

(Hostess Farfoucha Rizk)

Muhammad Ramadan commented on the video, saying: “Hosest Al-Farfoucha Rizk.”

However, the audience attacked the Egyptian artist, describing his actions as provocative and inappropriate.

While some questioned his wife, considering that he does not respect her because of these behaviors.

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