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Fajr The famous tweeter Mujtahid, a surprise of high caliber and sparked controversy over what he revealed about the promises allegedly made by Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan made to President Qais Saeed, during his recent visit to Tunisia to see the latest situation.

On Friday, Tunisian President Kais Saied received Prince Faisal bin Farhan bin Abdullah Al Saud, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Mujtahid said in a tweet to him on Twitter, which was monitored by (Watan), that the Saudi Foreign Minister promised Qais Saeed during his visit, to remove Qais’s fears of American pressure and seek to persuade America to support the coup.

Saudi Foreign Minister, Qais Saeed

Prince Faisal also promised him – according to Mujtahid’s allegations – billions of dollars in gifts, loans and deposits.

Mujtahid concluded his tweet by saying: “Qais Saeed mentioned to him his fear of a complete bankruptcy for Tunisia after the coup, so he assured him of the flow of rice as it flowed to Sisi.”

Hisham Al-Mashishi under house arrest

In another tweet, Mujtahidd revealed that the Prime Minister who was dismissed by Qais Saeed, Hisham Al-Mashishi, is living under house arrest in an unknown location and not with his family.

He added that he is under heavy guard and is prohibited from communicating with his outside surroundings or with politicians and journalists.

Mujtahid also explained that the statement attributed to Michishi, which he made to the newspaper “Al-Shari al-Maghrabi” in which he denied being attacked in the Carthage Palace, is not true.

He continued, “The newspaper seized the statement on the orders of Nadia Okasha, director of Qais Saeed’s office.”

The famous tweeter also pointed out that Al-Mashishi was subjected to tremendous pressure in the Carthage Palace and verbally abused, and was also threatened with a military trial on charges of high treason if he expressed an objection or resistance to the coup.

Qais Saeed receives the Saudi Foreign Minister

On Friday, Tunisian President Kais Saied received Prince Faisal bin Farhan bin Abdullah Al Saud, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi foreign minister indicated that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia respects the decisions taken by the Tunisian president and everything related to Tunisian internal affairs, and considers them a sovereign matter.

The Saudi foreign minister also stressed his country’s confidence in the Tunisian leadership’s ability to overcome this circumstance in order to achieve a decent life and prosperity for the Tunisian Prime Time Zone.

Reiterating the Kingdom’s support for Tunisia in all that supports its security and stability, and in facing the challenges it faces.

He also called on the international community to support Tunisia’s efforts in these difficult economic and health conditions.

For his part, Saied stressed that the Tunisian Prime Time Zone will never forget the gift of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which once again consolidates the strength and depth of the historical relations existing between the two brotherly countries and peoples.

He also affirmed his commitment to bearing the trust and responsibility of protecting the Tunisian state and confronting all attempts to strike and disintegrate it.

In another context, a reporter for the New York Times from Tunisia said that Tunisian President Kais Saied gave them – during a meeting with them – a lecture on the US Constitution, and pledged to protect press freedoms, but he did not allow them even one question.

The reporter, Vivian Yee, who lives in Cairo, added in a long report that she and two colleagues from the same newspaper spent several days in the Tunisian capital before they suddenly received a call to meet the president, and I thought it might be their chance to meet President Qais Saeed, but it turned out that their invitation was to listen to a lecture.

Vivian spoke of being subjected to strict protocol in the presidential palace in an official reception room around midday last Friday; “The room was filled with crystal sconces and gilded edged chairs.”

She added that they were instructed on where to stand and where to sit in the presence of the president, and when one of her colleagues started the translation, he was ordered to stop. Everything was filmed by a government photography team.

Not a press interview

“This is not an interview,” the president told her as she and her colleagues began asking questions.

She said the president’s voice was so loud and his speech so flawless that she could imagine him in his old lecture hall, his formal Arabic levitating on the marble floors as if the room had been built to his acoustic specifications.

At one point, says the reporter, the president picked up a bundle of papers from a small gold-colored marble table to his right; It was a hard copy of the United States Constitution, “and its dignity was somewhat diminished by being held together by a paperclip”.

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