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Mustafa Al-Kazemi, the Iraqi Prime Minister, revealed that he was subjected to three failed assassination attempts, without giving details about the places and dates of these attempts and the parties responsible for them.

Al-Kazemi added, in a television interview monitored by “Watan”: “I am not worried or afraid; I assumed my position in difficult circumstances, and if I had not accepted the position, we would have witnessed a civil war as a result of the collapse at that time.”

Al-Kazemi confirmed that he will continue to perform his duties according to the program that he set to run the country.

It is noteworthy that the Al-Kazemi government has been in power since May 2020, succeeding the government of Adel Abdul-Mahdi, who resigned in late 2019; Under the weight of popular protests accusing the ruling political elite of corruption, incompetence and dependency on the outside.

Mustafa Al-Kazemi.. Iran-US talks

As for the direct secret talks between Iran and the United States, which were hosted in Iraq months ago, Al-Kazemi said that “the American-Iranian dialogue will have repercussions on the entire region.”

While Iraqis complain that their country has become one of the arenas for settling scores between the United States and Iran, which are linked by controversial files, including Tehran’s nuclear and missile programs, and the two countries’ foreign policy towards the Middle East.

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Al-Kazemi indicated that he will make an official visit to Tehran after the elected president, Ibrahim Raisi, assumes the reins of government (next August).

“Iran is working hard to help us build stability and calm,” he added.

However, he stated that they need a state-to-state relationship with Iran, provided that the privacy of each country is respected, and “we are talking with the Iranian side that Iraq is in dire need of stability.”

Dialogue with Turkey

In another file, Al-Kazemi indicated that “there is an improvement in the means of dialogue with Turkey regarding the water file,” and that Baghdad and Ankara are engaged in a serious dialogue in this file.

He also pointed out that “Iraq has security and military cooperation with all neighboring countries,” stressing his country’s commitment not to threaten neighboring countries. “We will not allow ourselves to be a springboard to threaten our neighbors,” he said.

Iraqi elections

Otherwise, Al-Kazemi touched on the early parliamentary elections that are scheduled to take place on October 10.

He said, “The most important of those who think that I am trying to postpone the elections to go to an emergency government, we will work very hard to hold the elections on time.”

On the other hand, he expressed his optimism about the elections, especially as he hoped for a good participation that would restore the parliamentary system.

These elections are one of the demands of popular protests that began in Iraq in October 2019.

The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, had announced, Thursday, July 15, that he was boycotting these elections.

He considered this, “to preserve what was left of the homeland, and to save the homeland that the corrupt have burned and are still burning.”

In response to calls for a boycott of these elections, Al-Kazemi said: “We understand Al-Sadr’s decision to withdraw from the elections, and we call on him to return from it.”

He continued, “We ask the Iraqis to contribute to reform through the elections.”

Hisham Al Hashemi

As for the confessions published by the Iraqi authorities two days ago to one of those accused of assassinating the writer and security expert Hisham Al-Hashemi, Al-Kazemi said: “We revealed all the participants in the operation, but some of them fled outside Iraq, and one of the criminals was arrested.”

Meanwhile, the Iraqi Prime Minister stressed that “the criminal who was arrested is an employee of the Ministry of Interior (an officer with the rank of first lieutenant), but he belongs to outlaw groups (undisclosed), and the judiciary will say his decisive word.”

It is worth noting that gunmen had assassinated Al-Hashemi, in July 2020, near his home, east of the capital, Baghdad, amid local and international condemnation, and no party claimed this crime.

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