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Mustafa Mohamed faces expulsion after assaulting a player and Galatasaray complains | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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He was not long in the ranks of his new team. Egyptian striker Mostafa Mohamed, 23, was exposed to the Galatasaray team in the 57th minute of the match.

During his team’s match against his Turkish opponent Ankara Gozo. Which ended with the opposition team winning two goals to one goal.

Player Mustafa Mohamed’s penalty

Turkish press reports revealed that the Egyptian player, Mustafa Mohamed. He may miss the next two matches within the competitions of his team, which he joined at the end of last January on loan. And the next from the Egyptian team Zamalek.

Those press reports indicated that the expulsion penalty for the brilliant Egyptian striker Mustafa with the Galatasaray team would prevent him from participating in the Turkish SivaSpor match.

In the next round, which will be held on Sunday, the seventh of next March. He will also miss his team’s match against rival Kayserispor.

Which is scheduled to take place on the thirteenth of next March. Within the Turkish Premier League competitions.

Mustafa goals with Galatasaray

The Egyptian player on loan from the Egyptian club Zamalek was able to harmonize quickly within the ranks of his new team, Galatasaray. Where he managed to score six goals in the Turkish Premier League in six consecutive matches.

He also scored one goal in the Turkish Cup competition, since his arrival to the team. During the last winter transfer season.

Details of the incident of expulsion

With the expiration of the first ten minutes of the events of the second half. Specifically, in the 57th minute of the match, in front of his opponent, Ankara, in the twenty-eighth week of the Turkish League.

The red card

The match referee also displayed the red card in the face of the brilliant Egyptian star in the ranks of Galatasaray Mustafa Mohamed. After assaulting a player of the opposing team.

To complete the Galatasaray team short of 10 players. This led to the Galatasaray team losing to their rival Ankara, with two goals to one.

The first goal came at the end of the first half, which was shot by 29-year-old Turkish midfielder Ibrahim Akdag in the 45th minute. Through a penalty kick that came against the opposing team, Galatasaray.

Galatasaray statement after the expulsion

The vice president of the Turkish Galatasaray club, Abdul Rahim Albayrak, said in a press statement today, Thursday, to respond to the arbitration injustice the team suffered against its rival Ankara Guchovy Premier League.

In the meeting, which witnessed the expulsion of the Egyptian striker Mostafa Mohamed, in addition to a penalty kick for the opposing team.

The Turkish MP Albayrak demanded the referees who want the Turkish League competitions for the excellent class. For more justice in the league matches and competitions, adding: “Everyone is surprised by the arbitration decisions in the Galatasaray match against Ankara Gozo, Turkey.”

He asked, “Is this the way you want to stop Mustafa Muhammad ?!”, and why are we throwing millions of dollars on the streets? Mustafa Mohamed’s ball does not deserve to be sent off at all. Will the referee be able to sleep after this decision ?!

In the same context, the second deputy in the Galatasaray team, Yusuf Junay, said that the arbitration decisions were controversial in the Ankara Joshu meeting, not to count a clear penalty kick for the team.

Then Mustafa Muhammad was expelled in this way. Stressing that there is a systematic campaign to stop the danger of Galatasaray, and we will never allow this scheme and we seek to impose justice in the upcoming matches.

Loan deal

And a member of the Executive Committee of the Egyptian Zamalek team, Ibrahim Abdullah, revealed in an interview with the Egyptian sports channel “On Time Sport” earlier.

“The date of receipt of Zamalek management of the money for the loan deal for player Mustafa Mohamed, and his transfer last week to the Galatasaray team within days.”

And Ibrahim Abdullah added, saying: “There is a penalty clause in the event that the funds are delayed for a period of no more than five days, we will get a fine.

Worth $ 500,000 in fine. Then 50 thousand dollars for each delay, but the Turkish club is committed in all matters without problems with us.

Galatasaray arrangement

Saray also sits at the top of the standings despite losing 57 points to his rival Ankara, while Turkey’s Besiktas team is ranked second, equal by the same points with the Galatasaray team.

Fenerbahce team ranked third in the Turkish Premier League with 54 points, while Trabzonspor came in fourth place with 48 points.

Hatay Sport was equal with the Trabzon team with the same points in fifth place in the ranking table, and Gaziantep team came in sixth place with 43 points.

While Alanya Sport is in seventh place with 42 points in the ranking table. And in eighth place was Fatih Karagomruk, with 41 points.

And in ninth place in the table of the Premier League standings. Göztepe’s team came with 35 points. While Antalya Sport came in tenth place with 34 points in the Turkish league for the current season.

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