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The name of the Egyptian artist, Mostafa Shaaban, was on the (trend) list via (Twitter) in all Arab countries, after the 20th episode of the series (Kings of Al-Jadaanah) was shown.

Mustafa Shaaban leads the trend

Through the hashtag of Mustafa Shaaban and the Kings of Al-Jadana, the tweeters discussed the events of the interesting episode that began with the escape of (Basant), whose role is embodied by the artist Farah Youssef, from the neighborhood after the killing of (Antar), which is played by Walid Fawaz.

Then the police came to investigate the incident, but it faced a problem in all the Prime Time Zone of the neighborhood unanimously confessing to the killing of Antar so that the crime would not be proven against Mustafa Shaban and Amr Saad.

At the same moment, the two friends (a ship and a secret), who embody their personalities, Mustafa Shaban and Amr Saad, meet again to avenge Zahi Al-Attal, who plays the role (Amr Abdel Jalil).

The two rule the plan and hide in a boat prepared by Zahi al-Attal to deliver the diamonds and drugs with his partners, who hid inside until the time of the operation, and beat his men.

The events of Episode 20

The scene of revenge came from Zahi Al-Attal, where Mustafa Shaban and Amr Saad tied him with chains and threw him into the sea, and after getting rid of him, the two friends disagreed.

Meanwhile, Salim, the senior merchant, manages to arrest a company with the help of Majdi Musaed Zahi and threaten him with death if he does not guide them about the location of the drugs that were with the porter before his death.
He headed a ship to another road on behalf of his friend and went to sell the diamonds that he stole again from Zahi Al-Attal before his death.

Episode 19 of the series Kings Al-Jadana

Episode 19 of the series (Kings of Al-Jadana) witnessed a sharp verbal altercation between the duo, the ship (Mustafa Shaban) and the company of (Amr Saad), after the teacher Mustafa tried to reconcile them.

Mustafa succeeds in persuading the two friends to meet again on one word, which is revenge against Zahi al-Attal and his foot in the neighborhood of Antar.

While Antar intends to attack Faten Harfoush, who embodies her role (Yasmine Rais) and her father after he refused to marry him, a ship and a secret appear at the right time and take revenge on Antar, and all the Prime Time Zone of the neighborhood are revenge from him.

Mustafa Shaaban sends a message to Muhammad Ramadan

Mustafa Shaaban documents, on a daily basis, his leadership of the trend in the series, and on one occasion he caused a sensation when he celebrated this with an indirect message by the artist Muhammad Ramadan.

Then Mustafa Shaaban published a picture documenting the release of the series (Kings of Al-Jadana) and attached it to a comment: (Khalsana and the words will leave you).

The observers considered that Mustafa Shaban means Muhammad Ramadan in his entirety, especially since the Ramadan race is witnessing a fierce competition between them.

Mustafa Shaaban was not spared from the criticisms accusing the series of promoting bullying and breaking the law, which are the same charges that Muhammad Ramadan faces because of his previous dramas.

The death of Rania Youssef’s daughter

The Egyptian actress, Rania Youssef, has previously received praise from her fans after she embodied the scene of the death of her daughter’s “Habiba” in episode 11 of the series “Kings of Jadana” with brilliance and spontaneity.

This appeared on Rania Youssef’s face, so that the scene of “Najla” burying her daughter “Habiba – Karma Musa” and washing her was a great success, for the public to praise him.

The death of “Habiba”

And “Habiba” died after “Antar – Walid Fawaz” sent 3 women to beat “Najla” and her daughter until her head collided with the tooth of the wall and she fell on the ground soaked in her blood and died in the hospital.

The events of the episode saw “Sariya – Amr Saad” go to his mother in prison, “Attia – Dalal Abdel Aziz,” and asks her to deny that she is the owner of the hashish for which his case was fabricated.

Episode 11 of the series “Kings of Al-Jada” also witnessed many sad and touching events, in an episode in which all the series’s heroes cried.

Décor (Kings of Goddess) with a million dollars

In another context, a source close to the team working for the series “Kings of Al-Jadana” revealed that the designer of the series is an Egyptian engineer, Samer Kaddoura.

The source indicated, according to Cairo 24 newspaper, that the cost of the decoration exceeded 15 million pounds, equivalent to one million dollars, in order to show the popular neighborhood and the details of the Egyptian decoration in Lebanon.

The series (Kings of Al-Jadaanah) is shown on MBC Egypt daily at 7 pm, 12:30 midnight and 1 in the afternoon, and also on the witness platform (VIP).

The series stars Mustafa Shaaban, Amr Saad, Rania Youssef, Yasmine Rais, Amr Abdel Jalil, Dalal Abdel Aziz, Muhammad Abdel Azim, and Walid Fawaz.

It is a scenario and dialogue of Abeer Suleiman’s workshop, directed by Ahmed Khaled Moussa, and its events revolve around two young friends from a popular neighborhood, and a great businessman tries to separate them to get a bag of diamonds, their safety from one of their friends, and the events follow.

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