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The Lebanese singer, Myriam Fares, surprised her audience with what she revealed for the first time about her private life, and her experience of abortion.

Abortion and depression Myriam Fares

Myriam Fares said that she lost her fetus in 2017, which led to the deterioration of her psychological state and her feeling that life and all her dreams had stopped, and her distance from any future work.

And Myriam Fares recounted in her documentary entitled (The Journey) on the network (Netflix), saying: (On the seventh of July of 2017, I made sure that I was pregnant with my second child, and at that time I had health problems and my body could not bear pregnancy, and I felt as if A part of me is gone, and I feel guilty even though it’s not my fault.

And Myriam Fares continued: (I felt depressed, lonely, and an indescribable feeling, which only a woman who is going through the same circumstances feels).

The suffering of Myriam Fares in the ban

The Lebanese singer indicated that from that moment she no longer had a goal and a dream, and she stopped her personal and artistic projects and songs that she was preparing for, despite her permanent ability to separate her personal and professional life, as she put it.

And Myriam Fares added in the documentary, which lasts more than an hour: (What happened broke me and my focus became the largest of my family, and this thing took 4 years, they were difficult, and I hope the day will come when I reconcile with myself).

And Miriam continued: (Praise be to God, in the year 2020, God gave me my son Dave, and I was happy as much as I was afraid of the Corona epidemic that we are living in, and to live the same experience and lose my son).

Myriam Fares indicated that she was feeling more mothers, and that the quarantine imposed by the Corona virus crisis was an opportunity to spend her time at home with her family.

Myriam Fares: (I considered myself at war)

Myriam Fares also recounted other aspects of her life and her suffering in the past year, and said: (The year 2020 put us before great tests, and prevented me from meeting the Prime Time Zone I love, and robbed me of my freedom, passion and enthusiasm, as soon as I stand on stage).

And she continued: (You forbade me to bid farewell to the closest Prime Time Zone to my heart before they leave the world, February 20, 2020 I heard about the first case of Corona while entering my party in Bahrain, and I returned to Beirut for a second life, me and my family, and we have to accept it).

Myriam Fares described the matter as war, and said: (We considered ourselves in a war, and this happened a week after my return from travel, and I discovered that I was pregnant in the sixth week with my third child, not my second).

criticism and attack

And Myriam Fares was subjected to a wave of criticism as soon as she announced her willingness to release a movie that tells of her suffering with the ban due to the Corona crisis.

The public felt that there was no need to highlight her suffering alone, because the whole world was also affected by psychological and social problems whose effects are still so far due to the Corona epidemic.

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Myriam Fares also angered the Egyptians after she appeared in an Egyptian advertisement last month, two years after her statements attacking Egypt.

When Myriam Fares said at the time on the sidelines of the Mawazine Festival of International Rhythms in Morocco in 2019: (I have become too heavy for Egypt so that I pay too high for them).

Myriam Fares’ statements against Egypt

The Egyptians did not forget Myriam Fares’ statements despite the passage of two years, so they attacked her again after she appeared in an advertisement for a real estate company in a coastal village, with the Egyptian actor Asser Yassin.

The artist, Karim Afifi, criticized the participation of Myriam Fares in the advertisement, and wrote on his Twitter account: (She did not say that she was heavy on Egypt.. She is coming to do ads for us, why).

And the Egyptian artist, Menna Fadali, wrote: (God, Egypt was not a hut, and you are a lot and expensive for Egypt?

The Egyptian artist, Ahmed Al-Shami, who criticized the appearance of Myriam Fares, wrote through his official account on the Twitter site: (She is not Miriam Fares, she said that her price remains lower for Egypt, what is the one who faced her again).

And the artist Abeer Sabry also wrote: (The fault is not on her, the fault is on Egypt, who erred in it, and the Egyptians return to answer it, although it is not an addition).

For her part, Myriam Fares ignored these criticisms and attacks, and tweeted: (I enjoyed working on this campaign for a real estate project, I hope the new song will get your approval).

And she continued: (I am very happy with the success achieved by the song and the advertisement. I am very happy that I am trending in Egypt less than 24 hours after the announcement was launched. I am so sorry, Egypt).

It is worth noting that Myriam Fares is married to Danny Mitri and has two sons, Jayden and Dave.

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