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The Egyptian actress, Nadia El-Gendy, shared her latest controversial youth looks, through social networking sites, with her fans and followers.

beautiful lebanon

Nadia Al-Jundi published a group of photos of her through her official account on (Instagram), while she was standing on the balcony of the hotel where she is staying in Lebanon, wearing a long dress in cheerful colors.

Nadia left her yellow hair loose on her shoulder, completing her look with sunglasses and jewelry, and commented on the photos: (Good morning to the best Prime Time Zone, beautiful Lebanon).

And the management of the “Morex D’or” concert in Lebanon in its twentieth session, honored Nadia El-Gendy for her artistic career.

(I declare my solidarity with the Lebanese Prime Time Zone)

The Egyptian artist confirmed her happiness with this honor and her love for Lebanon, noting that she spent a long period of her life there, and filmed a number of her artworks in Beirut.

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In her speech at the ceremony, she said: “Long live Lebanon and the Prime Time Zone of Lebanon… the Prime Time Zone who love beauty and freedom, who are never defeated, and who have the will and challenge, and I worked with many Lebanese artists, including the artist Sabah, and I am confident that Lebanon will come back again, and I declare my solidarity with the Lebanese Prime Time Zone).

She added: (I hope that Lebanon will return to the way it was before, and I thank the organizers of this festival, and God willing, we will all celebrate together in the next session the victory of Lebanon).

And Nadia Al-Jundi previously reviewed her summer looks on the beach, in a photo session a few days ago.

Nadia Al-Jundi appeared in the pictures that she published through her official account, documented on the (Instagram) application, in a colorful dress that sticks to her body.

Nadia Al-Jundi left her blonde-dyed hair hanging over her shoulder, complementing her look with soft jewelry, and summer sandals that fit the beach.

soldier 2 1

What caught the eye at the time, were the movements and poses that Nadia took to take pictures, as she appeared in one of them while she was holding the boat, placing her hand on her waist, standing in a tilted manner, and spreading her legs apart.

Followers were divided into supporters and opponents of Nadia Al-Jundi’s clothes and behavior, between those who saw that age is just a number, praising her interest in herself and her femininity.

Others demanded Nadia more modesty, sobriety and dignity out of respect for her 80-year-old age.

Jeans shorts and men’s shoes

A few weeks ago, Nadia also sparked a wave of controversy on social media, after she published a new set of photos of her from the northern coast.

Nadia Al-Jundi published the photo session that she underwent by the photographer Muhammad Raouf, through her documented page on (Instagram) and (Twitter).

What shocked the followers was Nadia Al-Jundi’s clothes, which she wore jeans shorts, a white blouse, and white youth sports shoes.

The soldier complemented her look with a set of accessories, and left her hair hanging on her shoulders, and commented only by saying: (New, Summer 2021, Nadia Al-Jundi).

Sumaya al-Khashab: (The moon has risen)

The stars of art were among the first commentators, so Sumaya al-Khashab wrote to Nadia: (Oh, the moon has risen).

Tunisian Dora Razzouk and Rogina commented with hearts emoji expressing their love for pictures, while Rania Mahmoud Yassin wrote: (Moon).

As for the audience, they did not believe that Nadia was so graceful and lively at this age, so they accused her of resorting to the photo-editing program (Photoshop), to look like this.

Nadia El-Gendy with a modern look

And Nadia Al-Jundi had previously published, through her Instagram account, new photos, in which she appeared with a modern look.

In the photos, the soldier appeared wearing jeans ripped from her knees, a narrow white blouse, and a pink jacket over her.

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And Nadia Al-Jundi previously confirmed that she had not undergone plastic surgery in her life.

And she said in previous statements to local media: (I have never done plastic surgery, thank God.. and what is it from the day I was born and my features come on, I am against plastic surgery, there are Prime Time Zone whose features change and I look at her picture and say who is there, there is no plastic surgery in it I’m just not my age).

And the Egyptian artist added at the time: (I have to keep Nadia, Nadia, whom Prime Time Zone knew, I can’t be other than I, I can’t change myself, but I change my personality that Prime Time Zone introduced me to.

And the artist, nicknamed “The Star of the Masses,” continued: (There are some artists who say who is this? Because of the plastic surgeries they do: He says: This is so and so.. I don’t like that one day Prime Time Zone ask who is this?, so someone says: This is Nadia Al-Jundi.

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