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Lebanese singer Nadine El Rassi surprised her audience with her first photo without cosmetics.

Nothing and nothing!

Through the feature (Al-Asturi) on her official account on (Instagram), Nadine Al-Rassi published her picture without filters or makeup.

Nadine Al-Rassi appeared with tired and tired skin, and she showed signs of aging, and commented: (No, nothing).

And she added: (The first thing that comes down to my bucket with eggs is).

(I feel like a child with him)

Nadine also appeared in another video, showing her young fiancé Majd Daaboul combing her hair, and commented: (I feel with him that I am a child).

The Lebanese singer also appeared with her fiancé in another video, while she was flirting while they were in a restaurant, commenting: (I love you).

Last month, Nadine shared with her fans a new photo with her fiancé, just hours before the tragedy of Al-Tilil Akkar.

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Nadine published at the time through the feature (Al-Asturi) on her account on (Instagram), in which she appeared in a short black dress, and stood with her fiancé, who was embracing her from behind, and commented with a heart emoji.

Al Rassi and her lover1

Hours later, a gas tank exploded in the town of Al-Talil, Akkar. Nadine Al-Rassi’s stories turned away from the matter, so she wrote: “To the passengers of the plane of Hell, we will die shortly.”

The Lebanese actress shared clips of the explosion, commenting: (Yadra, intruder is your name, Adra). She also called on her followers to donate blood and published hospitals that needed this immediately to treat the injured.

Tallil Akkar explosion

20 Prime Time Zone were killed and about 80 were injured in a petrol tank explosion in the town of Al-Tilil, Akkar.

It also sent distress calls to donate blood in the region’s hospitals to help the burn victims, as most of them are in very critical condition.

Nadine El Rassi and her fiancé

Regarding her relationship with her fiancé, Majd Daaboul, she confirmed in previous statements that she “loves him very much because he changed her life.”

She revealed that “she is seven years younger than her, as he is 34 and she is 42.”

The Lebanese actress had previously sparked a wave of anger against her after the video she posted on “Instagram”, and she is in an intimate atmosphere with her fiancé, who appears to be the age of her son.

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Nadine Al-Rassi appeared in the video, sitting in the arms of her fiancé, Majd Abdul, who is believed to be taking a normal picture of them, before it turned out that she was filming a video clip and kissing him.

The audience initially wondered if it was her son, expressing their anger at her late adolescence.

The Lebanese actress talked about her marriage and the reason for the delay in her celebration until today, and the artist said that her twin sons from her ex-husband Giscard Abi Nader are the reason.

Nadine admitted that she was beaten by her second husband and that she faced the order to beat him as well.

Nadine Al-Rassi and the electricity crisis

In another context, Nadine Al-Rassi expressed her anger over the electricity generator subscription bill in her home.

Nadine published a picture of the bill through the (Al-Astori) feature on her official account on Instagram, which amounted to 3 million and 250 thousand pounds.

Nadine commented on the photo by saying: (And then??? How can we continue??? Why when?).

The Lebanese actress also published a video in which she appeared with wet hair, and said: (This bathroom is number 3 for today, the electricity is cut off heavily, but it is cut off, and we take a shower with cold water).

She added: (When the electricity goes back out, we go to the shower. Tomorrow, but it stops, what do we do?).

Nadine Al-Rassi: They divided and relieved us

On her Twitter page, Al-Rassi criticized the situation in her country and wrote: (To me from yesterday, I am listening: my area, not your area, oh my goodness, they divided and we were at that time, each one in his own area, Sayah. The communication ended!).

She commented on her words, saying:

Nadine El Rassi’s latest work

It is worth noting that the Lebanese actress recently co-starred in the series “Husband under house arrest” alongside Lebanese artist Ziad Burji, Syrian actress Heba Nour, Muhammad Khair al-Jarrah, Anju Rayhan, Hisham Haddad and a number of actors.

The series discusses the idea of ​​polygamy, but in a comic way that is not devoid of romance. While Nadine starred in her role at work and became the talk of her followers in every episode she appeared.

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