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The Egyptian actress, Naglaa Badr, sparked widespread controversy with her photo, which she published with her compatriot, artist Amr Diab.

Najla Badr published her photo with Amr Diab through her official account on (Instagram), and she seemed closely attached to him.

Najla attached the photo with a comment in which she said: (It means the plateau, it means the sign of Libra, every year and all those born in the sign of Libra are moon, honey and good Prime Time Zone).

Attack and criticism

But Najla’s picture with the plateau exposed her to the attack and criticism of the followers, so one of the comments stated: (If you are married, you will not imagine this).

Another wrote: (In the role… Dina and Najla… Arzak).

While another pointed out that their features have changed due to Photoshop, and said: (Photoshop is, uh, left Amr Diab small, so we can say that everything is perfect, but this is what Naglaa Badr is completely and changed her features as if she was another one).

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Another ridiculed their adhesion without having a relationship, and wrote: (Assuming that you are sisters).

And the Egyptian artist, Ahmed Zaher, had previously published, through his Instagram account, pictures of him and his daughter, Malak, in the plateau during the latter’s revival of a party on the northern coast.

A picture of the artist Amr Diab embracing King Ahmed Zaher at the ceremony also spread, which aroused the audience’s criticism of the daughter of the Egyptian artist, especially as she expressed, a few days ago, her deep sadness over the death of the artist, Dalal Abdel Aziz. According to the audience.

For her part, Malak Ahmed Zaher published pictures of her family at the concert.

Amr Diab’s concert “an explicit risk”

In another context, Jordanian MP Hassan al-Riyati issued a statement calling on Interior Minister Mazen al-Faraya to cancel Amr Diab’s concert, which is scheduled to be held this month in Aqaba.

Al-Riyati, a representative from Aqaba Governorate, said in a statement published by local media: (I am addressing you with the duty of legal and legal responsibility entrusted to all of us, and as a matter of health responsibility in light of the epidemiological conditions that the country is experiencing at this stage).

Amr diab

Al-Riyati continued: (The concert poses an explicit risk to the state’s religion and societal values, in addition to a clear violation of defense orders and a violation of all health controls, requirements and health measures in force).

Al-Riyati held his government responsible for the abuses and possible serious health effects as a result of holding this ceremony, which will be attended by thousands from inside and outside Jordan, as he put it, especially since the ceremony contradicts the precautionary measures against the Corona virus.

Amr Diab’s concert in Aqaba caused a strange incident of its kind, when Jordanian media reported that a Jordanian couple separated; Because of the Egyptian artist’s concert in the middle of next month.

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According to what was published by those means, the dispute between the spouses began when the wife discovered that her husband had borrowed from a loan fund last week an amount in her name on the pretext that he wanted to buy gold for her.

She added that the wife was surprised by chance that her husband had bought two tickets to attend Amr Diab’s party, which angered the wife and the dispute developed after members of the couple’s family intervened until the divorce ended between them.

Amr Diab’s concert in Aqaba

The website dedicated to selling tickets for the Egyptian artist Amr Diab’s concert announced that all tickets for the concert to be held in the city of Aqaba in mid-October have run out.

And according to what activists circulated on social media, all tickets were sold out 15 minutes after the opening of the purchase door.

It is noteworthy that the artist Amr Diab is scheduled to perform a concert, amid widespread controversy over ticket prices, which amounted to 300 dinars for VIPs.

Sources told Al-Ghad newspaper that the number of seats for Amr Diab’s concert amounted to 4000 Prime Time Zone, divided into three sections.

Riot at Amr Diab’s concert

A month ago, the plateau party in the new city of El Alamein on the northern coast sparked widespread controversy on social media, after some attendees recounted a riot during it.

Activists circulated a video of a girl named Sama, crying about what she was exposed to with her mother and sister at the party, saying: (I have been in front of Amr Diab’s concert in El Alamein for half an hour, and the matter is about humiliation, tear gas, Prime Time Zone running on top of each other, Prime Time Zone losing consciousness, and an ambulance transporting Prime Time Zone).

And Sama continued: (It was my fault, me, my mother and my sister when the VIP tickets came and we decided to go even though I was walking with a crutch, and when we arrived there was a lot of traffic, but we didn’t care because we had tickets).

And Sama continued: (Then we found the security men shouting at us and in the audience, some of whom paid 4000 thousand pounds for the ticket price, to tell us that the party had been completed since 8 and the audience began to be intolerant, then they started throwing tear gas bombs as if we were insects, not as if we would enter heaven).

Sama confirmed that she tried to negotiate with the security men, adding: (I told them this ticket, if it had a problem, tell me and I will leave alone, but there was no kind of understanding, and they started hitting us with what was in their hand, and suddenly tear gas, my sister fell while we ran, and my mother 50 years old, I ran with a cane.

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