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Coinciding with the news of her association with a rich Arab, the Lebanese actress, Najwa Karam, showed her beauty and grace in a bold photo session, compared to her conservative personality that the public knew about.

Najwa Karam: Everything is exposed

Najwa Karam published a group of photos of her through her official account on (Instagram), in which she appeared in a beige jumpsuit, without sleeves, and completely hidden from the front, but the back is largely exposed.

Najwa Karam left her hair loose, while adopting an earthy make-up that matches the color of her clothes.

Najwa Karam commented on the pictures with words from her new song (Maghrama 2), and wrote: (Your life if you see.. what happened to me.. everything has become exposed.. and my uncle is talking about me).

Najwa Karam (finded)

Najwa Karam presented the clip (Maghuruma 2) four days ago through the official (Rotana) channel on YouTube, and has so far achieved 5 million views.

The song was written and composed by Nabil El-Khoury, arranged by Dani El-Helou, and the clip directed by Hassan Ghaddar, who surprised viewers with the appearance of Syrian actor Moatasem Al-Nahar as a model.

Moatasem Al-Nahar expressed his happiness in cooperating with Najwa Karam, and posted on his account on (Instagram) a photo of them from behind the scenes of the clip, and commented: (A great artist .. I had the honor to work with her).

Najwa Karam’s preacher (important)

And Najwa Karam’s name was previously published a week ago by social media activists, because of what her media compatriot Nidal Al-Ahmadiya revealed about the approaching date of her marriage.

Nidal Al-Ahmadiya said during her interview on the “Embarrassing Question” program with Tony Khalifa, that Najwa Karam will enter the golden cage soon, adding: (She will be associated with an educated, sophisticated and rich young man, and more important than her ex-husband, producer Youssef Harb).

Nidal Al-Ahmadiya also revealed that the Lebanese singer’s fiancé is not Lebanese, but rather holds another nationality, refusing to reveal his identity.

The Lebanese media indicated that Najwa Karam and her fiancé were preparing for a wedding that was supposed to take place at an earlier time, but the Corona virus was the reason for postponing the date.

Youssef Harb and Najwa Karam

Nidal Al-Ahmadiyya’s statements came in conjunction with the Lebanese singer’s publication of the official poster for her new song (Magrouma 2), which she accompanied with a comment: (By 1998 – It was…today 2021 and for all ages).

Najwa Karam

And the audience considered that the Lebanese singer announced her marriage in this indirect way, especially that the song “Magrouma” was released when she was associated with the Syrian party contractor Youssef Harb.

And Youssef Harb was married and had two children, when he married Najwa Karam in 2000, a relationship that only lasted two years, after which they separated.

Youssef Harb reveals the reason for his divorce from Najwa

Youssef Harb said in an interview a few months ago that his divorce from Najwa Karam happened because of his extreme jealousy as a man, as he could not bear the lights of fame that this field imposes on the artist or artist.

And he added in an interview with ET in Arabic: (Our separation was caused by the fact that it came at a time when I was not up to this relationship, and at a time that passed us by, Najwa could not keep me, and I could not preserve her, and I do not want to blame her, especially since marriage From an artist is difficult).

And he continued: (I am a very jealous person, she was also very jealous of me, and despite the decision of our separation, I still love and respect her, and she is, as she did not remind me badly, nor did I remember her badly).

In another context, the Lebanese fortune-teller Widad Jaber shocked the audience after revealing a series of strange predictions about the lives of Lebanese celebrities in particular.

Wedad Jaber said about the artist, Najwa Karam, during her visit as a guest on the (With Tamam) program on the (Al-Jadeed) channel, which is presented by the media, Tammam Blaiq: (Najwa Karam will marry, and she will emerge with a human order and will be exposed to an unfortunate event, but she will survive and sing a duet with several Prime Time Zone and there is no fear for her health).

Najwa Karam: Oh pain, why do you want to say, “Oh”?

Najwa sparked controversy by responding to a tweet by Pope Francis, in which he called for prayers for Lebanon to emerge from its unprecedented crisis.

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In her response, Najwa then sent a letter of thanks to Pope Francis for dedicating him today to praying for Lebanon.

Najwa wrote on her Twitter account: (Oh pain, why do you want to say ahh???… When we break the forbidden, the shame and the forbidden, we don’t know what we should do).

She continued, addressing Pope Francis: (We thank the Supreme Pontiff, Pope Francis, for your prayers today for our country Lebanon, which we hope will be accompanied by an official international decree so that the Lebanese will unite to find a solution to rid this country of the teeth of impostors).

Pope Francis wrote on his Twitter page, saying: (Tomorrow there will be a special day of prayer and meditation for Lebanon).

And he continued: (I invite everyone to unite with us spiritually in prayer so that Lebanon rise from the dangerous crisis it is going through and to show once again its face, the face of peace and hope).

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