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The Lebanese actress, Nancy Ajram, shared her audience with a new photo of her only brother Nabil’s wedding, this time with her mother.

Nancy Ajram and her mother

Nancy Ajram published the photo through her official account on the Instagram application, during which she appeared embracing her mother, who wore a dress more daring than her daughter.

The Lebanese artist attached the photo with a comment: (Emi), with a heart emoji.

And the audience expressed their shock in the form of Nancy Ajram’s mother, stressing that she looks like her sister and does not show signs of aging, and the comments said: (Your mother is very sweet, Nancy).

Another wrote: (You mean my daughter?).

Another mocked in his comment, saying: (Hadi is your mother, Nancy, and you are Ajram).

Another asked: (Umm who is it, guys, who plays in the system).

The wedding of Nancy Ajram’s brother

Nancy Ajram celebrated the wedding of her brother, Nabil Ajram, with a ceremony held last Friday evening in Beirut, in the presence of family and friends.

Nancy Ajram appeared at the ceremony in a long pink dress designed by the international Lebanese designer Elie Saab, and her daughters who grew up caught the attention of the followers in white dresses.

Nancy Ajram sang to her only brother and his bride, Nai Zeidan, her famous song, “The Color of Your Eyes”.

In another context, a few days ago, Nancy Ajram shared her audience with a photo from her summer vacation in Antalya, Turkey.

Nancy Ajram published the photo via the (Al-Asturi) feature on her official account on (Instagram), during which she appeared in a pair of short jeans, and a tight red T-shirt that clearly revealed the details of her body, especially the chest area.

Nancy completed her look with a transparent floral cardigan, a hat and shoes suitable for the beach.

Nancy Ajram revealed many details of her artistic career, and the details of her album, Nancy 10, while she was hosted on the program (Qoul Ya Kabir), with broadcaster Sabri Zaki, on Energy 92.1 because she is the star of the month of August.

Nancy: I run away from anything with music

The Lebanese singer said in the meeting that she always evades anything with music, describing it as the language of the world, whether it is joy or sadness, as music is her only escape.

About the album (Nancy 10), the artist said that she had been preparing for it for four years, and the first song in it was chosen by the song (Salamat), which achieved great success.

She added: (I find that there is a lot that I am still trying to present, and I find that Nancy’s album 10 is a new start, as I always find that any album I present to the public is a new start and a different stage that I live in).

Songs of love and childhood

And Nancy Ajram continued: (I did not think at any time to redistribute any of the songs that I presented previously. Age is stages and each stage has its time and way of expressing it. All songs are my favorite and every song has its own mood and time).

Ajram indicated that she began preparing and thinking about the album (Nancy 11), commenting: (I feel comfortable when I think of an album or a new song, as this is the closest thing to my heart).

And about one of her songs that thinks of love the most, Nancy said: (I am stuck with you and black eyes).

And she continued: (And the most song that always reminds me of childhood is the song of my son, the sweetest flower).

Nancy said that the song (Your Only Problem) was the fastest song that she worked on with the team to be on Nancy’s album 10.

Duet lyrical!

Regarding the idea of ​​presenting songs for the sequences of the series, Nancy said: (My choice falls on the songs of the sequences that I present on the basis of the song, regardless of the heroes of the work, but the most important thing is to feel the lyrics and melody of the song).

Nancy answered Sabri Zaki’s question about the idea of ​​presenting a duet with any of the stars of the Arab world or the stars of the world, by saying: (The idea of ​​a duet is an idea that comes alone, and during the last period, different ideas were put forward for a duet with other stars, but nothing was settled, I always dreamed of doing a duet with the late Michael Jackson.

And about the application that she uses the most in social media, Nancy said: (WhatsApp is the application I use the most in my daily life, and I work to speed up the sound of messages so that I feel that the person’s voice is happy and happy, and I always follow the food recipes pages on Instagram, but the only thing that bothers me about it is that there is no no privacy).

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