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Nasreen Tafesh lights the sites after wearing the veil .. Watch the video! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The Syrian artist Nisreen Tafesh surprised her followers on social media, by appearing wearing the hijab.

Nisreen Tafesh published a video clip on her official Instagram account showing her wearing the veil, while the Quranic recitations are heard in the background.

“To keep you, don’t cut it”

The clip enjoyed the interaction of the artist’s followers, and considered it very suitable for her, and invited her to continue wearing it.

In this context, I wrote a follow-up to Nisreen Tafesh: “Let me keep you, don’t kill it.”

Another wrote: “Stay in the veil always, and may God help you and guide you.”

A third observer added: “He’s the most beautiful and beautiful.

Nisreen Tafesh bathrobe

And recently, the Syrian actress, Nasreen Tafesh, was exposed to a wave of harsh criticism through the media, after she appeared with a bold look, especially at her home.

Nisreen Tafesh published a picture of her through her personal account on “Instagram”, during which she appeared only wearing a bathrobe. She exposes part of her legs, and is lying on the bed with a hot drink in her hand.

Nisreen Tafesh commented on the controversial picture, saying: “In silence there is beautiful singing, in silence, voices are astonished. When you sit and remain silent, you invent new strings. Today’s intention: I am constantly giving myself a healthy dose of quiet time. ”

Nisreen Tafesh bathrobe

The temptation of Nisreen Tafesh

The image of Nisreen Tafesh sparked criticism from the public, who accused her of attempting seduction only, and one of the comments stated: “Your need changes the world.”

Another asked, after praising the beauty of Nisreen Tafesh: “Very beautiful, but why is there a need for a filming session on pigeons?”.

The last opinion agreed and wrote: “What did you gain when you appeared to the world with your bathrobe? This is not a good thing for you, and I hope God will guide you.

Another sarcastically said: “Artists need to imagine inside the toilets, generally before your wedding bath.”

An open fitting dress

A video clip published by Nisreen Tafesh received more than 1,300,000 views within less than 19 hours of posting it on Instagram a few weeks ago.

Nisreen appeared in the video showing a tight dress, open from the top of her left leg.

“Nisreen” attached the video to a comment in which she wrote: “You will not know what it means to truly love others unless you love yourself first.”


After publishing the video, “Nisreen” was criticized and commented by followers, accusing her that the purpose of publishing the clip was to display her buttocks.

Nisreen led the trend recently due to an outlook that some described as bold, while others praised her preservation of her body and grace.

Nisreen Tafesh’s femininity

Nisreen Tafesh has previously topped the activists’ conversation on social media, due to her exciting appearance inside the gym. And the shape of her new body.

Last month, Nisreen Tafesh published a group of photos and videos through her account on “Instagram”, while she was in the “gym.” She wears a white T-shirt, very tight fuchsia leggings that reveal her charms, and sneakers.

Nisreen Tafesh appeared in the pictures in different positions, showing her femininity, and commented: “Happy times of the best followers.”

Reactions varied about Nisreen Tafesh’s appearance, as some of those who followed saw that she had performed a lot of plastic surgeries and changed the shape of her body a lot. Some of them criticized her boldness in displaying her body, and saw that her goal is to show only, and the evidence is the amount of cosmetics on her face, which is not suitable for the gym.

Social networking sites were buzzing with a picture of Nisreen with an Emirati man, whose traders claimed that he gave her a luxurious apartment as an expression of their friendship.

At the time, some accounts claimed that it was the manager of the royal hotel in Dubai who appeared with Nasreen Tafesh in the photo.

But Tafesh tweeted on her Twitter account, sarcastically: “Nisreen’s imaginary friend from Saturn, who gave her a gift. A fraternal gift is an island in Honolulu, and a car will fly assembling Pluto.

She added: “The elephants have flown and the roof has fallen into stupid Prime Time Zone, and Prime Time Zone are stupid, and the key is at the mourning and the cow of yours is greater than that of ours. What matters is any rumor that destroys the house of your stupidity.

Nisreen Tafesh engagement

Nisreen Tafesh previously announced on “Twitter” the news of her engagement, saying: “Happy Everybody’s Day, I am the first to say on the Insider program. With the media friend Elie Nakhla, my engagement was with someone outside the artistic, sports and political community.

And she continued: “He is not from our brothers and our Prime Time Zone from the Arabian Gulf, as it was rumored, God willing, it brings us together in the name of love together and marriage will take place soon and the desire of those who want it.”

Nisreen and Social Media

It is noteworthy that Nisreen has visited social media significantly recently, and is keen to highlight her beauty and charms on a permanent basis under various names.

Tafesh previously published a clip of her dancing, then she posted a video of her hiding food in her chest, then taking it out and returning it to the refrigerator.

As for her latest artistic work, the series “The Other Face”, with the participation of actors Majed Al-Masry, Madeleine Tabar, Nada Moussa and Ahmed Saeed Abdel-Ghani. And Mohamed Ali Rizk, Rania Shaheen and many other actors.

As well as the series “The Seal of the Tiger”, accompanied by Ahmed Salah Al-Saadani, Hanan Suleiman, Merihan Hussein, and Islam Gamal.

Who is Nisreen Tafesh?

It is worth noting that Nisreen Tafesh (39 years old) was born in the governorate of Aleppo, to a father of Palestinian origin from Safad, and an Algerian mother from Oran. She holds – in addition to her Syrian citizen – the Algerian passport, according to her mother.

In 1999, Nisreen Tafesh moved from her city, Aleppo, to the capital, Damascus, in the year to complete her studies there, and joined the Higher Institute. She graduated from Damascus in 2008.

However, Nasreen Tafesh’s artistic career began long before her graduation, as it began in 2002 with her role in the series “Hulagu”. Then she played many successful roles, including in the series “Rabi` Qurtuba” and “Palestinian Westernization.”

After that, she starred in Nisreen Tafesh, including her role in the Sabaya series in 2009, and in the series “Women’s Sessions” in 2011. She ranked 79 in the list of the most beautiful female faces in the world for the year 2017.

In 2017, Nisreen Tafesh’s singing career began with singles such as “Moghteer Ali”, “123 Habibi” and “Illa Ma3ak”.

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