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Nasser Al-Duwailah reveals the details of a secret 10-hour meeting in Doha | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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In a new surprise, the prominent Kuwaiti politician and former member of the National Assembly, Nasser Al-Duwailah, who left his country for Turkey a few days ago after the security crackdown against him, revealed the details of a mediation he had carried out between Hamas and Saudi Arabia.

In a series of tweets he had on his official Twitter account that was monitored by (Watan), Al-Duwailah recounted details of a mediation he had carried out between Saudi Arabia. And the Hamas movement, at the beginning of the reign of King Salman bin Abdulaziz.

“When King Salman came to power, I mediated between the Saudi government, through one of its advisers, and the Hamas movement,” he said. My mediation succeeded in holding an unannounced meeting in Doha.

According to Al-Duwailah, the representative of the government said, “I took him in my car from his hotel to meet Khaled Meshaal, and the meeting lasted for ten hours, in which they agreed on several points that Dr. Muhammad Al-Khudari will follow.”

The former Kuwaiti MP added, “Al-Khudari was a consultant otorhinolaryngologist and he is the Hamas ambassador to Saudi Arabia. It is the official contact link with the Saudi government, and I only knew this through Khaled Meshaal’s meeting with the Saudi representative. They agreed to release a number of Hamas detainees in the kingdom, and to gradually restore relations with Hamas.

A serious and transparent meeting

He added, “The meeting of the representative of the Saudi government with Khaled Meshaal was serious and transparent, and the representative of the Saudi government was a unique statesman. He was able to absorb Khaled Meshaal’s reproach with the warmth of his speech, the kindness of his words and his good manners.

“Until the ice melted quickly, and they began setting a chronological arrangement for the return of relations through direct contact with the Hamas ambassador, Dr. Al-Khoudary.”

And he continued about the participation of Meshaal and Haniyeh in the celebration of the Saudi Embassy in Doha: “This news was the result of the mediation that I undertook between the government. Saudi Arabia and Hamas, and I learned in it that Al-Khodari Faraj Allah Karba is an ambassador to Hamas in Jeddah, and that he is a link between Hamas and the Saudi government.

Khaled Meshaal did not have high demands

And Nasser Al-Duwailah added, “The demands of Hamas were not great. Khaled Meshaal was all concerned for Saudi Arabia to release Hamas detainees in its prisons, in particular. They did not carry out any hostile activity to the Kingdom, and the Saudi envoy had no reservations about Hamas, except for their disagreement with Abu Mazen. The two sides were keen to restore relations and communication through the ambassador of Hamas, Al-Khodari.

And Nasser Al-Duwailah added: “The Saudi relationship with Hamas did not develop as scheduled and I think that another meeting was held without my presence is no different. On the warmth of the first meeting I attended. ”

Nasser Al-Duwailah: The UAE has obstructed the reconciliation

Nasser Al-Duwailah explained: “Hamas was invited to attend a party Saudi Embassy In Doha, I think some Hamas leaders were allowed to take Umrah but protest. The UAE also heard the delay in reconciliation after the invitation was extended to it.

Nasser Al-Duwailah concluded his tweets by saying, “I was deeply distressed by the news of the arrest of an eighty-year-old Hamas representative in Jeddah by the Saudi government. Years old and diagnosed with cancer. “

He and some members of his family were arrested. The messengers are neither harmed nor arrested. I appeal to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and His Highness the Crown Prince to release the official Hamas representative, and the pardon only increases its owner.

Muhammad al-Khudari, a Hamas representative, is struggling with death in Saudi prisons

It is noteworthy that at the end of last diamonds, the Saudi “prisoners of conscience” account revealed a dangerous decline in the health status of Dr. Muhammad Al-Khudary. The leader of the Hamas movement, who is detained by the bin Salman authorities, and he and his son Hani.

The account of “Prisoners of Conscience” said in tweets monitored by (Watan) at the time, that Dr. Al-Khudary had entered the stage of real danger. After cancer had spread to his body.

To the point that his body no longer responds to any treatment, which necessitates his immediate release from prison to be presented to doctors.

He completed the account in a second tweet that “Amnesty International renews its demand for the immediate release of Dr. Mohammed Al-Khudari (Hamas representative in the Kingdom).

This was due to the continuing deterioration of his health, especially his partial loss of movement with one of his hands, and the loss of a number of his teeth as a result of medical negligence. Deliberate in prison. ”

He lost the ability to move his hand

The Amnesty report said that earlier this year 2021, Dr. Muhammad Al-Khudary lost the ability to move his right hand and some of his teeth. He is now dependent on his son, who is being held with him, to feed him and help him in prison.

In November of last year 2020, Dr. Al-Khudary and his son Hani were transferred to Abha. It is a facility that lacks the medical specialists and the proper healthcare that his health condition needs.

Amnesty International addressed the letter to Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz. Calling on him to ensure that the baseless charges against Dr. Muhammad Al-Khudary and Dr. Hani Al-Khudary are dropped.

The organization stressed the need to release the father and his son.

Al-Khodari was taken to the hospital

The organization also stressed the need to urgently transfer Dr. Muhammad Al-Khudary to the hospital. Where he is able to receive the urgent specialized medical care he needs, before completing the procedures for his release.

For its part, Hamas announced earlier that the Saudi authorities had arrested its representative in the Kingdom, Muhammad Saleh Al-Khodari, many months ago. In a state of secrecy about the circumstances and the circumstances of the arrest.

The movement said that the arrest of al-Khudari came in the context of a campaign that included many Palestinian residents in Saudi Arabia. Where he did not intercede for the man. He is 81 years old and has no health condition.

The movement continued that Al-Khudary suffers from an incurable disease and has a scientific standing as one of the most prominent consultant doctors in the field of ear, nose and throat.

Speaking about Al-Khudari, the movement added, “We remained silent for five months to make way for diplomacy and the efforts of mediators. But it did not yield any results.

The statement denounced the Saudi State Security Investigations agency’s arrest of Al-Khodari, who has been living in Jeddah for three decades, and was responsible. For managing Hamas’s relationship with the Kingdom, and assuming senior leadership positions in the movement.

Hamas added that Al-Khudari’s eldest son was arrested without any justification as part of a campaign that included many Palestinians residing in the kingdom.

Hamas demanded the Saudi authorities to release Al-Khudari, his son, and all Palestinian detainees in its prisons.

Who is Muhammad Al-Khodari?

Muhammad al-Khudari, according to what his brother Abd al-Majid (70 years old) told “Anadolu Agency”, was born in 1938 and graduated from Cairo University. From the medical school in 1962.

After graduation, he returned to the Gaza Strip and worked at Al-Shifa Medical Hospital for 9 months before leaving for Kuwait.

Upon his arrival in Kuwait, Al-Khodari worked for a private medical company, according to his brother, and then joined the Kuwaiti army to work there as a doctor.

After a while, he obtained a “fellowship” degree from the University of “Edinburgh” in Britain, in the specialty of ear, nose and throat.

After that, Al-Khudari continued his work in the Kuwaiti army, as head of the “ear, nose and throat” department, at the Military Hospital in Kuwait.

After the Palestinians left Kuwait in 1990 (due to the repercussions of the Iraqi invasion), Al-Khodari moved, according to his brother, to Amman.

His brother adds: “In 1992, al-Khudari moved to reside in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and at that time he worked as a representative of the“ Hamas ”movement, publicly and officially. And with the knowledge of the Saudi authorities.

However, he left this position about 10 years ago, according to Al-Khoudary.

Abdul Majid Al-Khodari considered his brother’s position as an ambassador, who “must have his respect in the country in which he resides”.

He said that Al-Khodari “participated in the interview that brought together the late King, Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, and the movement’s leader at the time, Ahmed Yassin, in 1998.

During his time as representing Hamas, Al-Khodari said that his brother, with the knowledge of the Saudi authorities, was collecting donations for the Palestinians. It was also not working in secret.

He continued, “It is his duty to convey the image of suffering to the Prime Time Zone of Saudi Arabia, and therefore they used to collect donations for Palestine with the knowledge of the government.”

Al-Khudary was arrested

Al-Khodari was arrested at the dawn of April 4, 2019, in the city of Jeddah, by the Saudi State Security Investigation Service.

The Saudi “State Security” told Al-Khudari at the time that the agency wanted him in a small case for a short period of time, and that he would be returned to his home. But. The eighty-year-old, diagnosed with cancer, is still under arrest.

Later that day, the same agency arrested al-Khudari’s eldest son, Hani, an engineer who lectures at Umm al-Qura University in Makkah.

Al-Khoudary and his son were not the only ones who were arrested without charge, according to the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, which is “based in Geneva.” Saudi Arabia forcibly hides 60 Palestinians.

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