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Nawaf Al-Ali announces his official separation from his wife, Hiba Al-Duri … What happened between them | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Kuwaiti artist Nawaf Al-Ali surprised his fans by announcing their official separation from his wife, the Egyptian actress residing in Kuwait, Heba Al-Durr.

The separation was a while

Nawaf Al-Ali wrote through the Al -asturi feature on his official account through the “Instagram” application: “My separation from Hiba Al-Duri was officially announced. The separation was a while ago, but I did not want to announce it.

Nawaf Al-Ali continued, referring to the reason for his announcement at this time: “But now I am free of my responsibility for any behavior or words she or she says.”

The last phrase in Nawaf Al-Ali’s announcement of his separation after 9 years of his marriage with Heba Al-Durr, sparked the anger of the tweeters via “Twitter”. And who found it a veiled threat to the Egyptian artist.

Anger from Nawaf Al-Ali

One of the comments read: “Have lunch before you dine on it.”

Another commented, “And when words start to exchange, respect those who are among you at least.”

Another defended Hiba Al-Durri, refusing to compromise her morals, and wrote: “I have nothing to do with their separation, and it is true that divorce after 9 years and including children is not a good thing. But all of them are com and his word is com second, defeating, yes, I am clear of my responsibility for any action or words I said or say !! On the contrary, it is a well-known, respected gift that we have not seen anything from, as if she is Kuwaiti, as if she is Egyptian, even by wearing her clothes, her words and her representation is respectable.

Tweeting Mia’s name, she asked him to remain silent, saying: “I wish someone announces their separation and bounces without saying too much!”

She mocked Nawaf Al-Ali, tweeting: “Whoever said that you are responsible for her words, even if you did not separate from her, she will see you as her husband and not her tongue.”

Arwa saw that the marriages of celebrities are similar, and ended with scandals and wrote: “May God heal us and do not test us in celebrity marriages. You don’t know how, what is the responsibility of my responsibility?

Another wrote: “Ok, why is the last line. We know divorce is a disclaimer, as if it hints at something bad about it! Those who were inspired died. ”

And she saw that divorce is what reveals true morals, and she said: “Our relationships are very strange. If they separate, their true morals will arise.”

The divorce announcement sparked widespread anger

Another questioned why Nawaf Al-Ali displayed his private life publicly, and wrote: “I want to understand one thing, why do these Prime Time Zone not live their private lives apart from Prime Time Zone! Why do they enter society completely in their privacy !!? ”.

The tweet also likened Nawaf Al-Ali’s treatment of Heba Al-Dari to the treatment of “slaves,” as she put it, and wrote: “I am free from any behavior !!! Why do they treat women or believe that women are their slaves or their king! ”

While others praised the gift of Al-Dari and accused Nawaf Al-Ali of separating from her because of jealousy, a songwriter wrote: “Because of her, I’ll recently. She cared about herself and everyone admired her divorce, this is the jealousy of men and their hatred and envy.

Another agreed with him and wrote: “Basically, a great gift for him is beautiful, respectable, and sober. She did not discover a stupid syllable for her like the rest of the artists.”

Silence is feared

For her part, Heba Al-Dury did not comment on the words of Nawaf Al-Ali, and continued her activities through her account on the “Instagram” application, and published posters. From her upcoming series “Margaret”, which will bring her together with Kuwaiti actress Hayat Al-Fahd and superstar Hassan Al-Balam.

But she commented on the last poster of the series, saying: “Silence is dignified in some situations,” which was considered by the followers as an indirect response to Nawaf Al-Ali.

Marriage of Nawaf Al-Ali and Hiba Al-Dari

He also married Nawaf Al-Ali and Heba Al-Duri in 2012, and they had two children, “Badr” in 2014, and “Fahd” in 2017.

Nawaf Al-Ali had married for the first time to a woman outside the artistic community, with whom he had his first son, “Abdel Aziz,” and then separated from her and became associated with the gift of Al-Dari.

Heba Al-Dury had previously had a traffic accident on one of the roads, accompanied by Nawaf Al-Ali and her sons, and at that time she published a video on “Snapchat”. It expresses its acceptance of God’s judgment and destiny.

At the time, Heba Al-Dury’s car was smashed from the front, as shown in her video, and the police were called.

Heba Al-Dury explained that she, her husband, and her children were subjected to various bruises and wounds to the body, and commented: “God predestined and he did not wish, and praise be to God for everything. Thank God, my husband and children are fine, just bruises and wounds. ”

Wahba Al-Duri is one of the rare artists who refuse to undergo plastic surgery, and she previously attacked one of the follow-ups that asked her. By doing liposuction and tightening her body.

Heba Al-Dari said at the time in a video on “Snapchat”: “I feel my flabbiness and you need to cut and blow. Watches are a cosmetic gift for everyone, but after years I do not like sports, I don’t like sport. It does not make you sag easily.

Heba added: “You are an intruder who interferes with the morals of my body, and I want to hate Prime Time Zone who interfere with drinking so-and-so in eating so-and-so and in so-and-so’s body. Live your life and do not have a job for others, I do not have an obsession with plastic surgery. I free my body and I love it.

On the other hand, artist Heba Al-Dury is participating in the series “Margaret” with the Kuwaiti actress Hayat Al-Fahd, which is scheduled to be shown next Ramadan.

Nawaf Al-Ali and Heba Al-Dari

It is worth noting that Nawaf Al-Ali studied computer engineering and specialized in it, but he loved acting, and his artistic debut was in 2000 in the Youth Theater Company.

Nawaf Al-Ali presented the first artistic work, which is the children’s play “Digital Heroes”, and the first to be presented to television by director Ahmed Al-Tamimi as a reckless husband. In the girls’ series of vegetable sugar in 2012.

As for Heba Al-Dorry, she holds a BA from Alexandria University in Genetic Hematology Sciences, a specialty that has occupied her since her childhood.

Heba Al-Dury began her artistic career at a young age in 1996 in the play Aalem Kashouf, with her participation in small roles.

Heba Al-Dury began to take on big roles after she participated in the series Al-Qarar Al-Akhbar and achieved success, and was able to master the Kuwaiti dialect. As a result of her mixing with the Kuwaiti society since she was four years old, and with constantly practicing the dialect, she became fluent in her well.

Heba Al-Dury’s parents refused her entry to art in Egypt, as art there violates the conditions and rules she was brought up with, and that Kuwaiti art suits her better.

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