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The Lebanese singer, Nawal Al Zoghbi, participated in a video documenting the scenes of filming her latest video, entitled (A Smile).

(songs are for stripping only)

Nawal Al Zoghbi appeared in the video that she posted on her official account on (Instagram), in bold clothes that reveal her body greatly, and she stands in front of the beach for filming.

In another shot, Nawal appears in a white dress that clearly reveals her legs, while sitting on the edge of the pool and someone styling her hair.

Nawal Al Zoghbi was attacked after this video, despite her approach of closing comments on her bold photos and videos, to avoid this situation.

And the comments came: (It is strange for humans, the more a person grows up, the age is reasonable. We Arabs have the opposite, we destroy and the songs are only for nudity).

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Another wrote: (If you reduce the videos of Tik Tok and these movements, because the general atmosphere in Lebanon is not appropriate at all).

Another accused her of insulting showmanship and not singing, and wrote: (This has become a show, not singing, the singer is a singer while he is standing on the stage of singing.

Another hinted that Nawal Al Zoghbi’s appearance had changed due to plastic surgery, and said: “You puffed up, you were softer and more beautiful.”

The features of Nawal Al Zoghbi are different!

The Lebanese singer is still marketing her new clip (A Smile), by showing videos and photos from behind the scenes of filming.

Nawal Al Zoghbi appeared in one of the videos she posted on her Instagram account, wearing a blue dress with a side slit, and without sleeves.

The Lebanese singer adopted a ponytail hairstyle, and followed a clip from the song: (Balawi adjusts his eyes and treats Yama, they told about her and said Hakawi).

Nawal also appeared in another picture, wearing pink hot shorts, with a white perforated T-shirt, and commented: (Good morning, loved ones, I wish you a good day).

Except for her bold clothes, Nawal Al Zoghbi’s change in features sparked controversy among her followers, who accused her of exaggerating plastic surgery to appear younger than her age, stressing that her natural form is more beautiful than she looks now.

A few days ago, the Lebanese singer sparked controversy with a video in which she appeared dancing to the tunes of her new Gulf song.

At the time, Nawal published a video through her account on (Instagram), as she danced to her song (He has a smile), commenting: (His smile establishes a resurrection that permeates the hearts of creatures walking in front of him).

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What sparked the controversy was the Lebanese artist’s clothes that she appeared in, as she wore a very short jeans skirt that clearly revealed her legs, and a gray sleeveless T-shirt.

Nawal completed her look with a long shawl on her shoulders, high navy shoes, and adopted a raised hairstyle.

Nawal was criticized for being accused of ignoring the series of crises facing Lebanon and continuing to present artworks, while others attacked her audacity to appear.

And the song (A Smile) from Nawal’s new album (Akks Al-Nata’ya), which is written by Emirati poet Muhammad Al Qasimi, composed by Adham, distributed by Muhannad Khader, and the clip directed by Fadi Haddad.

(Explore my model)

Nawal had previously published a controversial video a few days ago through her official account on (Instagram), in which she appeared as she approached the (model), the media, Firas Halima, and embraced him and then performed pet and temptation movements while sticking to him, amid the laughter of those present.

Nawal commented on the video: (I am discovering my super model, I love you, Firas).

Nawal Al Zoghbi was criticized for the boldness of the movements that she combined with Firas Halima.

Friendship Nawal and Firas Halima

It is known that Firas Halima and Nawal Al Zoghbi have a strong friendship, and he was the first to reveal the scenes of the Lebanese artist being exposed to a health problem during her concert in Syria.

At the time, Halima wrote on his Twitter account: (Praise be to Nawal Al-Zoghbi, she has become better and is improving continuously.

He continued, praising Nawal’s behavior: (Nawal Al Zoghbi’s professionalism, morals, and commitment let her sing today, so I can’t believe that she was able to stop on stage after all that happened to her, especially after Al-Hakim saw her and said it was necessary to go to the hospital. But she refused and said there are Prime Time Zone coming from another The world is a shame, even if I want to sing for a quarter of an hour.

And he concluded his speech: (With the power of God, she was cut off tonight, and Nawal arrived at the hospital in Beirut, safe and sound, and now her condition is gradually improving).

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