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The Egyptian actress, Nermin El-Fiqi, sparked the anger and criticism of some of her followers because of her photo that she published, coinciding with the day of Arafa’s stand, the day before yesterday, Monday.

Bold image and snappy attack

Nermin El-Feki appeared in the photo that she posted on her official account on (Instagram), with a summer look on the beach, in a short, off-the-shoulder dress with an open chest.

The Egyptian artist attached her photos to a comment in which she wished for a good morning and a happy day for her followers, but they attacked her and came to the comments: (Good morning.

Another commented: (Imagine, however, the amount of sins that you will make because of the Prime Time Zone who saw you while they were fasting, God suffices me and He is the best agent in you, fear God).

Another suggested that al-Fiqi republish her photos while performing the rites of Umrah, and wrote: (Ok, download your photos today while you are in Umrah, live the spirituality of this day).

Another wrote: (I mean, on the day of Arafat his house, he wore naked like this..don’t blame yourself a bit).

In another context, Nermin El-Fiqi published a picture of her compatriot, artist Yasmine Abdelaziz, who suffers from a serious health crisis a few days ago, after which she fell into a coma.

Al-Fiqi wrote: (For the sake of the frigid days, you have a thousand peace and return to your home and your children, my love).

Nermin El-Feki’s dream boy specifications

A few weeks ago, Nermin El-Feki topped the search engines after her statements on the “A Final Word” program on the on channel with the Egyptian media, Lamis El-Hadidi, during which she revealed many of her secrets.

During the meeting, Nermin El-Feki revealed the specifications of her dream boy, saying: (He must be educated, nostalgic, kind and a man in the true sense of the word, and other than that, he does not want and is not afraid of time and loneliness).

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And the Egyptian artist continued at the time: (As a woman myself, I love and be loved, and I feel that the man in front of me loves me seriously and the idea of ​​association will be accepted by our Lord, and I have never loved in my life).

Nermin Faki confirmed that a large number of men applied to her, but she did not find chemistry between them and them, noting that acting was an obstacle to her and said: (I have experienced Prime Time Zone in my life who were themselves associated with me in exchange for staying away from acting).

Nermin El-Fiqi stressed that she had never worried about her delay in marriage so far, noting that her mother wished to see her children, but at the same time she was keen on the idea of ​​selection.

She said: (As Mama wanted to see my children, but at the same time she had a problem because of her experience with separation, so she was separating the groom all the time out of her fear of me too much).

And about her interest in money, she said: (If I had money in my brain, I would have married billionaires in my time), noting her patience in choosing her artistic roles also on the advice of her mother to her, so that she did not change her car except every 12 years, adding: (I changed Arabic after God honored me I work in Ramadan this year).

Did Nermin El-Feki perform plastic surgery?

Nermin Al-Fiqi denied all that was spread about her undertaking any plastic surgery operations, and she said: (I have never done my eyebrows, but it was a long time, and this is what changed my appearance a lot now).

And she continued: (I am not against plastic surgery, but against exaggeration and tampering a lot in the face and forehead, even if they say wrinkles, how can I be perfect and ossified… So many things, it doesn’t help that they happen).

And the Egyptian artist added: (There are many cosmetic needs that can remain a task like one who had an accident and caused her a problem, or that someone’s nose had a problem.

Nermin confirmed that the man does not like the fake woman, adding: (This is true when my friends hear criticism of her.

Nermin El-Feki spoke about the spread of cosmetic surgery in the new generation, saying: (I don’t see this, but I can see a very sweet and cute one and meet her. I did something and made her look, so I told her why did you do this while you were like the moon… for what?), stressing that she is against exaggerated cosmetic surgeries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . that appeared recently.

Secret about Nermin El-Feki

Nermin revealed that most of her scenes in the series (Delal Ragel) were inspired by the character of her mother, who sat in a wheelchair in her last days, noting that she reveals this secret for the first time.

Nermin El-Feki explained that she used to evoke the shape of her mother in front of her and imitated her in some scenes because she knows the feeling of a patient sitting in a wheelchair and the pain he suffers from after he was healthy.

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