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The transfer of the 23-year-old Egyptian international player, Galatasaray striker, on loan from Zamalek, has not yet been announced, after he offered to move to the French club Bordeaux.

Mostafa Mohamed and Zamalek of Egypt

The legal advisor to the Egyptian club, Zamalek, Nasr Azzam, said in a statement on the Zamalek channel, that the transfer of the player, Mustafa Mohamed, on loan to the Turkish team, Galatasaray, to the French team Bordeaux, on loan, will not take place.

Azzam clarified that Mustafa Mohamed’s transfer to the French club Bordeaux will not take place, due to the obstacle of not activating his current club, Galatasaray, his purchase clause from Zamalek.

French reports revealed that the player, Mustafa Mohamed, had successfully passed the medical examination he conducted at the French club Girondoin Bordeaux, in preparation for joining the French team coming from the Turkish team Galatasaray, despite the difficult obstacles and the end of the summer transfer season.

Those reports added, “Mustafa Mohamed passed the medical examination in the French club, and there is an obstacle in front of Bordeaux, which is the insistence of Zamalek to pay 4 million dollars, as the value of activating the purchase clause by the Turkish club Galatasaray.”

Activate Mustafa Mohamed’s purchase item

In the same context, Amr Adham, a member of the temporary committee in charge of managing the Zamalek club, said in statements through the Egyptian media, saying: “We had contacts from Galatasaray Club during the past hours and they asked us to activate the clause of buying Mustafa Mohamed according to the contract concluded between us.”

And he indicated, that Galatasaray Club has the right to activate the purchase clause of Mustafa Muhammad until the 31st of next December this year, but until now we have not received paper from the club stating that the purchase clause is activated.

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And he added, “Galatasaray can enter the TMS, and transfer the player’s international card from temporary to international, and we will be notified after that to activate the purchase item.”

He added, “If the clause to buy Mustafa Mohamed is activated, the white club will be paid a value of 4 million dollars on the first of next July, according to the contract concluded between us. The club paid two million dollars to loan him from January until June 2022, and after the end of the loan period. He will pay 4 million for the activation of the purchase.”

Moving to Bordeaux, France

And he continued, “Zamalek club has no involvement in the transfer of the player Mustafa Mohamed and his transfer to the French club Bordeaux, and we did not stand in the way of the player’s transfer to the French League, our relationship with the Turkish club Galatasaray only, and the Turkish club is responsible for the player’s transfer to Bordeaux.”

Mustafa Mohamed has scored 8 goals in the Turkish League and the Turkish Cup since his move to the Turkish club Galatasaray, since he moved to the team during the last winter transfer season.

While his level declined significantly during the current season’s competitions without him being included in the starting lineup of the Turkish team.

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