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The Ministry of Labor in the Sultanate of Oman has announced more than 1,000 job opportunities in the institutions of the state’s administrative apparatus.

The Oman News Agency added that this is in line with the royal directives of Sultan Haitham bin Tariq.

The agency added that “the announcement includes 1152 job opportunities in 14 government institutions, including 169 alternative job opportunities, and nine will be revealed along with other opportunities for Prime Time Zone with disabilities.”

Jobs in the Ministry of Education

Most of the job opportunities in the Ministry of Education will be distributed to various academic qualifications, with one vacancy for a doctoral holder, 10 vacancies for master’s graduates, 1030 vacancies for bachelor’s graduates, 103 vacancies for those with a diploma qualification after the general education certificate, and eight vacancies without Diploma qualification.

Registration for these opportunities will be open for one month; To avoid any pressure that may be faced by those wishing to register on the website.

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education

On this, Majid bin Saeed bin Sulaiman Al Bahri, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for Administrative and Financial Affairs, said in a statement to the Oman News Agency: “Based on the Ministry’s role in supplying the educational field with qualified national cadres on which it depends in implementing the Ministry’s plans and programs and moving forward in advancing the education process in the Sultanate. And to complement the ministry’s plan to absorb job seekers – from educational outputs and other supportive disciplines – into the available vacancies, the Ministry of Education, in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor, announced (659) vacancies, including 610 vacancies for the position of a teacher in the first field.

He added that this announcement comes as a continuation of other announcements that were coordinated earlier, according to well-thought-out plans and based on the actual needs of the Ministry, which derives its data from the educational field; In preparation for the next academic year to ensure full readiness with regard to human resources.

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