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Social networking sites in the Sultanate of Oman, a wave of anger prevailed after many were surprised by their demands to pay new financial fees while entering the Sultanate through the land borders.

angry in sultanate of oman

Many Omanis expressed their anger at the imposition of fees estimated at 5 riyals on returnees from outside the Sultanate, without any explanation or justification for the reason for imposing these fees.

Omani lawyer Ahmed Al Balushi said, in a tweet to him commenting on this matter, that in the event that the reason for taking the sum of 5 OMR upon entry into the Sultanate is not explained and convincing reasons are presented, “we will have a legal action regarding this matter. The majestic Omani judiciary will have its final say.” in that.”

While some of the employees reported that the Ministry of Health imposed these fees, activists confirmed that they contacted the Ministry and denied this matter completely.

And Muhammad bin Suleiman Al-Hinai, a member of the Shura Council from the Wilayat of Bahla, tweeted: “I am afraid that the appetite has opened fiercely towards fees, taxes and everything! 5 riyals in cash or two riyals and a half through an application in exchange for what?”

Al-Hinai continued, asking: “Does the person who made this decision realize the amount of pressure that is generated by such decisions? Does he realize that the value of the tests in and of themselves exhausted the citizen!

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One of the activists mocked these unjustified fees by saying: “5 riyals for oxygen fees.”

Khalaf Al-Khuzaimi said: “What is happening in the land border posts today, with the opening of the borders, is unacceptable, the Ministry of Health.”

He continued, explaining: “The Mushrif company takes 5 riyals for each person returning from the Emirates

On the other hand, the Emirati outlets receive us with gifts, and the medical supervisor charges fees for nothing.”

It is noteworthy that a few days ago, Oman Airports published the instructions that the traveler must implement in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, after the Civil Aviation Authority took precautionary measures to enter the Sultanate through Oman airports.

This came in accordance with the decisions issued by the Supreme Committee charged with examining a mechanism for dealing with developments resulting from the spread of the Corona virus (Covid-19).

Oman Airports has set procedures for departures from the Sultanate, taking into account the following important requirements before traveling, as follows:

Omani citizens and residents of the Sultanate are allowed to travel abroad without the need for a prior permit.

Having health insurance covering the costs of COVID-19 treatment for Omanis in the country they wish to travel to.

Adhering to the travel requirements, examinations and procedures in force at the travel destination.

Check in online, where possible, before going to the airport to avoid direct contact with others at the airport.

Passengers must come to the airport at least 3 hours before the flight or 4 hours at the most.

Refrain from traveling if the traveler has symptoms of the Corona virus.

A laboratory examination service is available at Muscat International Airport for residents, as well as for those wishing to travel from the Sultanate’s airports, in Parking No. 5 at Muscat International Airport. As for Salalah Airport, the service is available at Life Line Hospital.

The value of the laboratory test via vehicles is 19 Omani riyals, and the result of the laboratory test appears within 24 hours of conducting the examination and can be obtained electronically.

Passengers can now obtain the Ministry of Health’s attested certificate electronically, after paying a fee of 5 Omani riyals.

Oman Airports has also taken a package of preventive and precautionary measures at the passenger terminal and at security checkpoints, in addition to all company facilities in order to ensure the health and safety of passengers and employees and to limit the spread of the “Covid-19” virus.

She indicated that all travelers must observe the following travel, safety and health procedures:

Passengers must present the appropriate travel documents for their destination in order to be able to enter the passenger terminal.

Refrain from traveling if you feel sick or have a fever.

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Commit to wearing a face mask at all times while touring the airport and during the flight.

Passengers must change the mask every four hours, so it must be ensured that the traveler has enough masks to use during the flight.

Maintaining a social distance of at least one and a half meters inside the airport building.

Wearing a mask is mandatory inside the airport building.

Check in online to avoid direct contact with others at the airport.

Avoid carrying your phone or any other personal items in your hands while checking in at the airport or passing through security checkpoints.

Clean and disinfect your personal items and surfaces you have touched, including cell phones.

Wash hands or use hand sanitizer regularly.

Avoid touching the eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands.

Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when sneezing or coughing, even when wearing a mask.

Avoid unnecessary contact with others, including handshakes and other greeting gestures.

Depositors and the general public who are not travelers are not allowed to enter the passenger terminal, except for one escort for Prime Time Zone with special needs.

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