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The Syrian artist, Nisreen Tafesh, published a video clip, on her official account on Instagram, as she exercised gracefully in the morning.

Commenting, Nisreen Tafesh wrote: “Try today, whether you are in sports or at work, in the council with your friend, in the car, first thing you wake up, before bed. everything”.

The audience interacted with the video of the artist, Nisreen, performing her exercises, and praised her continuous exercise and yoga exercises, which were previously published on more than one occasion, videos documenting this.

Nasreen Tafesh in the Maldives

Syrian artist Nisreen Tafesh published pictures of her new look while spending her summer vacation in the Maldives.

Tafesh accompanied her look with the phrase: “Everything that the future holds for you depends on your state of awareness and awareness now.”

Nisreen Tafesh shows off her grace in a swimming pool
Nisreen Tafesh shows off her grace

traditional dress

The Syrian artist, Nisreen Tafesh, starred at the Deir Just Awards ceremony, with an elegant and modest look.

Nisreen Tafesh 4

Nisreen Tafesh appeared in a white, long dress, with transparent sleeves and peasant embroidery from the top, similar to the traditional Palestinian dress.

Honoring Nisreen Tafesh

Nisreen Tafesh and her niece dance

A few days ago, Nisreen published a video clip, which she collected with her niece, while they were dancing to the tune of a foreign song.

Nisreen appeared in jeans and a T-shirt with exposed hands, dancing with her niece, who also wore ripped jeans, with a short T-shirt that revealed her stomach.

Nasreen said that her niece is a professional hip-hop dance instructor and social worker.

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Nisreen commented, “How sweet is one that combines the love of life, the love of goodness, and helping others.” While the video was admired by the Syrian artist’s audience on Instagram.

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