Nizar Al-Faris sets conditions before Rania Youssef in exchange for waiving her legal prosecution | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Iraqi broadcaster Nizar Al-Faris held a press conference in Cairo with his lawyer, Counselor Haitham Abbas, to talk about Existing issues Before him against the Egyptian actress Rania Youssef.

I will waive on one condition

Nizar Al-Fares asserted at the outset that he chose to hold the conference in Egypt to prove that he has no problems with the Egyptian society. As some claim, he said: “I am between my family and my Prime Time Zone.”

Nizar Al-Fares indicated that he is ready to drop the lawsuit that he filed against Rania Youssef, under one condition. He is to apologize to him.

Al-Faris said at the conference: “I have no problems with Rania Youssef, and we were satisfied with the dialogue, and we disagreed only technically. And if she apologized through the media, I am immediately ready to waive the cases that I filed against her. I respect and appreciate her. ”

Israeli song

Al-Fares confirmed that he and Rania Youssef benefited from the controversial interview that brought them together, as his fame increased in the Arab world. While it is expanding her fame in Iraq.

Nizar Al-Faris also stressed that Rania Youssef was aware of all the conditions of the program, and said: “I told Rania Youssef that I will hear her. An Israeli song, and she said yes, and I knew that I would talk about her boldness, and she agreed as well. ”

Al-Fares had previously confirmed that he played an Israeli song for Rania Youssef in order to interact and dance to it, but she refused the matter permanently.

I got paid

Al-Fares denied that Rania Youssef conducted the meeting for free, as she said, adding: “Rania took a fee from the program, but. I can’t say I took how much, but she is respectful, and estimated the budget for the program. ”

Fares added, “We are suffering from clearing permits for the Iraqi media in Egypt, and we ask the president’s office to facilitate, so that it takes place. There is an exchange of information between the two countries.

For his part, Al-Faris’s lawyer spoke about the details of the lawsuit and said: “We demand Rania Youssef be compensated for accusing him of harassment. Insult, slander, and if the court ruled a material compensation, this would mean that we are not liars.

Financial compensation of five million pounds!

Earlier, Nizar Al-Faris filed a lawsuit against Rania Youssef, where he was charged with insult, slander and defamation. On all social media sites.

Al-Fares demanded from the court a financial compensation of five million pounds, due to what the artist Rania Youssef said during her statements on social media.

Al-Fares confirmed, in a press release, that he congratulated Rania Youssef on the acquittal ruling issued against her.

Rania Youssef was charged with a set of charges, including contempt of religions, which she faced after showing her episode on the program “With Fares”.

Al-Fares indicated that he was surprised by Rania Youssef’s accusations against him in many of her statements, whether related to harassment. By him or being accused of being a person “without honor.”

Al-Faris said, “I reject that out of hand, and he must wait for the Egyptian judiciary to decide on its accusations, to require the legal right from it, confident in the protection of the lofty Egyptian judiciary for all.”

Lawyer Haitham Abbas, the lawyer for the media, Nizar Al-Faris, continued in a statement he said. He said, “His client was insulted and slandered through social media. The fact that describing a harasser to anyone is considered defamation punishable by law.

The lawyer added: “What is the case when it comes to a journalist who is watched by millions, which caused severe material and literary damage to him? Especially since what she described is an artist who has weight and her news is transmitted like wildfire.

Rania Youssef thanks “the lofty judiciary”

The Egyptian judiciary issued a acquittal ruling against Rania Youssef for the accusation of committing the crime of blatant public action and contempt of religion in the case of “the veil and the backside”.

After declaring her innocence, the Egyptian artist Rania Youssef thanked the Egyptian judiciary, and wrote, through her Twitter account: “Thanks to the Egyptian judiciary, the Egyptian judiciary will continue to be the guardian of rights and freedoms in Egypt.”

Lawyer Tariq Al-Awadi announced that the Qasr al-Nil Misdemeanor Court had ruled the innocence of our client, Rania Youssef.

Case details

The details of the case refer to Rania Youssef’s statements in an interview with the Iraqi journalist Nizar Al-Faris, presenter of the program “With Al-Faris” through the Iraqi “Al-Rasheed Channel”.

When asked about the veil, she replied: “Oh, Lord, why? Without a veil, I can see better and hidden, and since when we were veiled, Egyptian women were not veiled, and the veil was imposed on us in the late seventies and early eighties. ”

Regarding deliberately showing her “bottom”, Yusef said: “I found her sweet … and when you have a sweet need, why don’t you appear, you hide it and do not show it. Sweet show it; This angered the Egyptians.

Lawyers to file lawsuits against Rania Youssef, accusing her of having hadith about the protrusion of her buttocks, and for improper hijab and religion. What some saw as contempt for religions.

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