Nizar Banat’s brother to “Abbas”: We will not accept the dissolution of the mayors and the blood of our son in exchange for the demolition of the political system | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Ghassan Banat, the brother of political activist and opposition activist Nizar Banat, who was killed by the security services of the authority, announced his refusal to dissolve the “mukhtars” that the authority puts to the family to close his brother’s file.

Nizar Banat’s brother said during a mass demonstration in the city center of Ramallah, condemning the killing of his brother: “We tell President Mahmoud Abbas that Nizar is the son of the Palestinian Prime Time Zone, and if you want a solution on the way of the mayors, then I ask for mercy from all the Palestinian Prime Time Zone inside and outside the country.”

He added that the blood of Nizar Girls in return for demolishing the political system of the Palestinian Authority, and rebuilding it anew, so that the Palestinians feel safe and secure, except that he considered it a “treason.”

Nizar Banat’s brother accused President Abbas of trying to smuggle senior officers involved in his brother’s killing to foreign embassies to become military attaches, and said that they would be pursued at airports.

The Nizar Banat family announced the launch of a scholarship in the name of Nizar to educate students in Palestinian universities.

During the march, the participants raised banners calling for the departure of the President of the Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, and chanted: “What a shame, what a shame, the power is under the curtain.

For her part, Nizar Banat’s mother said in a speech during the demonstration that her son had died unjustly, and that his case was the cause of the homeland, and demanded his right.

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The statement of the demonstrators in downtown Ramallah held Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and the entire political level responsible for what the security services had committed.

They demanded the immediate dismissal of the government headed by Muhammad Shtayyeh, the dismissal of the heads of the security services, and the accountability of all those who ordered the assassination of Nizar Banat.

They called for an end to all forms of infringements on all freedoms, including freedoms of opinion, expression and peaceful assembly.

Nizar Banat’s family publishes photos of 2 of the main participants in his assassination

The family of prominent Palestinian activist and dissident Nizar Banat published pictures of two of the main participants in his assassination team.

The family said, through the official page of their son Nizar Banat on Facebook, that the first suspect was called “Aziz Al-Tamizi,” a colonel in the Preventive Security Service, and he was wearing a “Vest” of Preventive Security at the moment of Nizar Banat’s assassination.

The family said that “Al-Tamizi” participated in the killing and threatened the witnesses to the operation and told them that he would “return to you,” as a clear indication that the assassination would not depend only on Nizar, but on the witnesses as well.

As for the second main participant in the assassination of Nizar Banat, the family said he was called “Shadi al-Qawasma.”

She pointed out that he was directly involved in the assassination by beating him with a stick, and was the driver of the car that transported Nizar.

The family stated that it behaves like a state, while the state’s reactions are like a family.

She said that Nizar’s great cultural and political legacy forced the family, from its youngest to its elders, to bear the responsibility of showing the crime as it occurred, revealing all the brutal details of its execution, and making sure that no one escapes punishment.

She added that the “beehive” and the operating room formed by the family to follow up the case make you sure that Abu Kifah left us reassured after an intensive course for two consecutive months, which he lived in the southern region, in which he left a mark whose effects are clear today with the reactions of the Banat family and the entire region.

Nizar Banat was subjected to physical violence and his death was “unnatural”

Last Tuesday, the official investigation committee completed its report into the death of Nizar Banat, and submitted it to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and demanded that it be referred to “the judicial authorities to take the necessary legal action,” without disclosing its content.

Later, Palestinian Minister of Justice Muhammad Shalaldah and head of the investigation committee into the death of activist and dissident Nizar Banat said, on Wednesday, that the latter “was subjected to physical violence, and his death was unnatural.”

This came in his talk to the official “Palestine” TV about the investigation into the death of girls, after he was arrested by a Palestinian security force in Hebron.

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Shalaldah indicated that “it was found through the initial medical report that Nizar Banat was subjected to external violence in several areas of the body.”

He added: “(Nizar) was beaten all over his body, and during his transfer to the Preventive Security Center, and before his arrival, he passed out as if he lost consciousness, and therefore they (the security force members) transferred him to Alia (the government hospital in Hebron) in the cars of the security services, but he arrived. dead.”

And he added: “It was proven to the committee, through video observations and all testimonies, that the deceased left the house with the security force alive, but he died on the way.”

“The cause of death – in principle – was traumatic shock, which caused acute heart and pulmonary failure,” said Shalaldeh.

He continued: “When we finished the report, it was handed over in all its aspects to the Prime Minister (Mohamed Shtayyeh), who in turn handed it over to the head of the military judiciary and the military deputy in order to take legal measures.”

He pointed out that “although the death was unnatural, the file was legally transferred to the competent legal authority.”

The Minister of Justice indicated that “the Military Prosecution is in charge of the investigation, issuing indictments against suspects and a fair trial, in accordance with the applicable legislation.”

He considered what happened “an individual case, not an approach on the part of the leadership and authority,” adding that “the committee worked objectively, impartially and confidentially.”

He pointed out that the arrest of Nizar Banat came under an “arrest warrant.”

The arrest of 15 officers and members of the Jericho Prison

In this context, Palestinian press reports stated that “the (military) General Intelligence has transferred 15 officers and members of the security services to Jericho Prison for interrogation over the killing of political opponent Nizar Banat.”

In a related context, Ammar Banat, Nizar’s brother, wrote on his Facebook account on Thursday evening: “Yes, it is true, we received information that there are 14 members who participated in Nizar’s assassination, who are detained in Jericho.”

He added: “We have this information since this morning, but we do not take it seriously, and if it is, let them announce the names of this group publicly.”

Hours before that, Ammar wrote: “We will not accept that there will be a scapegoat for those who participated. Everyone will be held accountable according to his crime, his actions, his words, his planning and his execution.”

The West Bank witnessed protests, the most violent of which were in the city of Ramallah, in the days following the announcement of the death of the 44-year-old Palestinian activist and dissident, Nizar Banat, while activists, political forces and civil organizations called for a demonstration in the city of Ramallah tomorrow, Saturday.

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