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The Kuwaiti fashionista, Noha Nabil, surprised her husband, Ibrahim Al-Jamaan, by realizing his dream and gifting him the Ferrari he wished for.

Noha Nabil documented, in a video she posted on (Snapchat), the moment she was gifted a red 2021 Ferrari, noting that it was her husband’s dream throughout his life.

Nabil said that she had been planning to buy this car for her husband a year ago, and that she went to the car showroom and chose the color and model she wanted, but she was surprised two days later by seizing her money after she was accused in the money laundering case.

Noha Nabil: Make your faith in God great

And the Kuwaiti fashinista commented: (Today, a year later, here is my beloved driving the car that he wanted (his dream car) specially brought to him from Kuwait to Dubai, because your Lord gives every person according to his intention, and let your faith in your Lord be great, no matter how narrow your Lord will release it).

Noha Nabil appeared next to her husband while driving the car, and she was humming with the song (Calling the Oppressed), by Emirati artist Hussein Al Jasmi.

Noha Nabil’s innocence from the leaked video

In another context, the Misdemeanor Court in Kuwait decided, last month, to acquit Noha Nabil of the charge of outraging public modesty after the spread of a leaked clip captured by a surveillance camera showing her abusing her child and describing him with obscene words.

According to the tweets of the media, Mai Al-Aidan, and the owner of the Kuwaiti “Fashinista” case, it was decided to acquit the latter after experts confirmed that the leaked videos were free of any content and obscene phrases on her tongue.

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This was after the pleading of Noha Nabil’s lawyer, Dhari Mubarak Al-Wawan

The Kuwaiti fashionista thanked the Kuwaiti judiciary and her lawyer after obtaining her acquittal.

Noha Nabil: I was betrayed

Earlier, Noha Nabil revealed the details of the video leak, and she could not control herself during the conversation and cried live.

The Kuwaiti fashinista said during her hosting two months ago on the (Ali and Najm) program on Kuwait TV: (The video spread from the cameras of the house, there is betrayal that occurred, but God is above).

And Noha Nabil continued: (Cases were filed against me, and it was said that the video contained indecent words, but, thank God, the video was analyzed, and it was confirmed that it was free of any indecent words and that the words that came with it were installed).

The Kuwaiti fashionista confirmed that she does not talk to her children in the way that was shown in the video, and does not utter the words that were contained in it, adding: (It is known that I am a loose mother at home, and you can see this in the simplest situations that I photograph via Snapchat).

Noha added: (If I was a bad mother, they would not take comfort with me in this way, and they would not respond to me as they want, they would have felt afraid of me).

The Kuwaiti fashionista confirmed that she does not reprimand her son in front of her sister until she reprimands him in front of millions, and weeping said: (This video is the biggest wound that has happened to me in my life because no one has ever had mercy on me or stood with me, curse the Abu Social Media who will let me go through this suffering).

Noha Nabil is innocent of (money laundering)

Last April, after a series of investigations, Noha Nabil announced her innocence in the celebrity money laundering case that started last year in Kuwait.

At that time, the Kuwaiti fascist, in a video via (Snapchat), thanked the Kuwaiti judiciary and all those who trusted in its integrity and innocence.

At the time, Noha Nabil expressed her feeling of comfort and happiness with the final ruling and the lifting of the reservation on her bank accounts, commenting: (Praise be to God, I made sure, and I thank you. God willing, he will not be wronged.

And Noha Nabil continued: (Praise be to God for the blessing of Kuwait, praise be to God for the integrity of the law, and thanks with all my heart to the Public Prosecution, and thank you to everyone who trusted my integrity from the beginning, because he was a witness to this trip and you, who were a very big part of it).

The issue of celebrity money laundering caused a sensation last year in Kuwait.

Dozens of celebrities were accused of money laundering months ago, so that the case was followed up by the competent authorities, and the accused were investigated by the Public Prosecution, and they were released on financial guarantees.

A decision was issued to freeze their assets, prevent them from traveling, and impound all boats, yachts, and water bikes they own.

An informed source revealed at the time the names of the 10 Kuwaiti celebrities accused of the money laundering scandal, and they are: Halima Boland, Fouz Al-Fahd, Farah Al-Hadi. Maryam Reda, Yaqoub Boushahri, Abdelwahab Al-Issa, Dana Al-Tuwarish, Jamal Al-Najada, Shifa Al-Kharraz, and Meshary Bou Yabis.

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