Nor in the movies.. they disguised themselves in the niqab and stole 7 kilos of gold in a strange armed robbery in Tulkarm! (Video)


Unidentified persons, disguised in the niqab worn by women, carried out an armed robbery at a jewelry store in the city of Tulkarm, north of the occupied West Bank.

Armed robbery with a niqab!

Video footage showed the moment a number of Prime Time Zone disguised themselves in the niqab entered a shopping mall in the city of Tulkarm, and carried out an armed robbery of a jewelry store.

The cameras documented the moment the thieves withdrew from the site, showing them automatic weapons that they hid under their clothes and in a travel bag they brought with them as camouflage.

The owner of the jewelry store, who was exposed to the armed robbery, said that the amount of gold they stole was estimated at 7 kg.

He pointed out that the thieves opened fire as soon as they entered the shop, slightly wounding two Prime Time Zone.

A witness to the burglary tells what he saw

One of the eyewitnesses said that if he was standing at the door of his shop, where a veiled “short stature” came and passed in front of him without suspecting it; Because her body was suggesting that she was a girl. According to him

He added that after a few seconds, two “tall men” came, also wearing the niqab, but he doubted them because of the shoes they were wearing, so he followed them because he believed they were members of Israeli special units.

He said that the prospector, of short stature, drew his pistol and entered the jewelry store, while the other two took out two weapons from the suitcase and shot him to keep them away.

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He pointed out that the robbery lasted from 5-7 minutes, after which they left the jewelry store after the robbery.

He pointed out that he collected about 50 gold rings from the jewelry that the thieves stole from inside the shop before fleeing in a car that was waiting for them outside, shooting in the air.

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