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Normalization of Morocco with Israel has reached an unexpected level under the directives of the King | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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It seems that the normalization of Morocco with Israel was not only formal in return for America’s recognition of its sovereignty over the Sahara, where the Moroccan normalization arrived. With the occupation of various fields, most recently the medical field.

In this context, the “Israel in Arabic” account of the Foreign Ministry on Twitter revealed the details of a new agreement between Morocco and Israel.

In a tweet monitored by Watan, the account stated that a cooperation agreement had been signed in the medical field between two Israeli and Moroccan hospitals.

In details, the “Rambam” hospital in Haifa and the children’s hospital in Rabat signed a medical cooperation agreement for treating children with cancer.

The account of the Foreign Ministry stated that this agreement will include cooperation “exchange visits, knowledge stock, and medical consultations.”

And that is about cancer treatment.

Normalization between Morocco and Israel

And last December, Morocco signed a declaration that includes the establishment of full diplomatic relations between it and Israel. This is in order to serve peace in the region and enhance regional security, according to what the Moroccan government stated at the time.

Morocco’s move comes as part of a series that the UAE started with the signing of the normalization agreement with the Israeli entity in August 2021. Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco will follow after that.

The Palestinian leadership considered these Arab steps a new challenge in addition to the challenges facing the Palestinian Prime Time Zone. And he has been fighting for it for decades to obtain his national and political rights by establishing his independent state with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital.

The times that followed the signing of these agreements witnessed a series of cooperation at all levels between the signatory countries and Israel.

Netanyahu came out flaunting this, which he described as an “achievement” at the expense of Arabs and Muslims.

Two days ago, social networking sites in Morocco were filled with the story of the Israeli chef of Moroccan and Algerian descent, Avi Levy. And who constantly expresses his desire to hold a banquet in honor of the Moroccan King Mohammed VI.

According to what was published by the Moroccan site “Hespress”, Levy is one of the most famous chefs in Israel.

And Avi grew up in an expatriate family from Morocco and Algeria, like all residents of the occupying power who were gathered from the diaspora of the earth to establish an entity for them.

Levi learned from his grandmother and mother the arts of cooking and drew on them his passion for food.

Earlier, Evie won the title of “Master Chef Number One in Israel”. Which led him to win widespread public sympathy within the occupied territories.

Levi, of Maghreb roots, opened a restaurant to serve Moroccan and Algerian meals in Jerusalem, the capital of the Palestinian Prime Time Zone.

And now he dreams that he will make dishes at a banquet, in honor of the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI.

In 2018, Levy witnessed the fulfillment of one of his dreams, when he was hosted at the headquarters of the Moroccan Parliament and made a celebratory dinner with members. From Parliament in the two chambers of the same legislative institution.

Levy commented at the time about this meeting in the Moroccan Parliament, saying: “I am very excited. It was a really amazing encounter. Especially since we were received very warmly. ”

Levy added during an interview with Israeli Channel 12: “I had concerns; And in the end I have met amazing Prime Time Zone. I did not come to the country with a political message, but I visited with food. ”

Levy, the Israeli chef, coincides with the resumption of Moroccan-Israeli relations, as Israel seeks to achieve rapprochement. My history is with Morocco, while working at the same time to strengthen cooperation in the tourism, cultural and economic fields.

The development of Moroccan-Israeli relations

The Hebrew Jerusalem Post had revealed a meeting held by two party advisors in the Moroccan Parliament, with Israeli MK Ram Ben Barak.

The newspaper said that both Moroccan MPs, Mohamed El-Bakoury, the advisor for the National Rally of Independents Party. And Abdel-Karim Al-Hams, the advisor. On the authority of the “opposition” Authenticity and Modernity Party, they held a meeting with the Israeli MP Ben Barak.

Ben Barak invited the two Moroccan MPs to visit Israel.

Members of Knesset are excited to visit Morocco

He also indicated that Israeli Knesset members are enthusiastic to visit Morocco, and that the relationship between the two countries is extremely important, according to the newspaper.

Ben Barak suggested many areas for joint cooperation between the two countries in the future, including the issue of the war on terrorism and trade. Economy and culture.

He added, “We are keen to establish relations with you.”

On the Moroccan side, MP Muhammad al-Bakuri expressed his happiness with his meeting with the Israeli MP Ben Barak.

Al-Bakouri indicated that this is a good occasion to renew diplomatic relations between the two countries, considering that Morocco enjoys a special relationship with Israel.

For his part, “Abdul Karim Al Hams” explained that the meeting was “historic,” as he described it.

Al-Hams said that this meeting would be “a basis for coexistence between the two countries,” while “Ben Barak” considered the words of the Moroccan MPs “gratifying.”

This meeting between the aforementioned parties came on the sidelines of the meeting of the Counter-Terrorism Committee of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

And which will be attended by the three deputies, and it was held later last Thursday.

Shuttle encounters

It is noteworthy that this is the first time that parliamentarians from Morocco meet with their counterparts from the occupying power, following the resumption of the relationship between the two sides last December.

On December 10, 2020, Morocco, America and Israel announced the resumption of relations between Morocco and Israel.

And that was stopped in 2000, at the start of the Al-Aqsa Intifada, which was triggered by a visit by then-Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. The Temple Mount is the Holy City of Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Palestinian Prime Time Zone.

On December 22nd, Moroccan Prime Minister Saad Eddine El Othmani signed on behalf of Morocco what they called a “joint declaration” between Morocco. And Israel and the United States, in the Moroccan capital, Rabat.

The agreement between the two parties resulted in continuing cooperation in many areas, and the opening of two liaison offices in Rabat and Tel Aviv.

Morocco’s resumption of its relationship with the Israeli occupation came successively after the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan went towards this square. Which was started by the UAE in August 2020, with American sponsorship.

The Palestinian leadership viewed these Arab steps as treacherous stabs in the back of the Palestinian Prime Time Zone and their decades-long struggle.

The Palestinian leadership demanded from all the four pressed states that these steps should be stopped due to their harmful dimensions to the Palestinian Prime Time Zone’s project. Establishing his independent and fully sovereign state, on the borders of June 4, 1967, with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital, in accordance with the Arab initiative.

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