Nude photos of a Bulgarian singer from the pyramids and tourist places in Egypt arouse widespread controversy! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Social networking sites in Egypt were ignited with a widespread wave of anger, after the spread of photos of a famous Bulgarian singer who showed her naked at the famous Giza pyramids and other Egyptian tourist places.

Bulgarian singer Andrea

The Bulgarian singer (Andrea) published these photos on her Instagram account.

She was escorting with her, the international photographer, Tibor Golub, who took a number of nude photos of her inside the Egyptian sights.

Golub also published a number of photos through his personal Instagram account, including a picture from inside a famous hotel overlooking the pyramids.

It is the same place where the Bulgarian singer appeared, confirming their presence on the same trip.

These photos caused widespread controversy among the Egyptians, who demanded accountability for officials in these tourist places, wondering how they allowed them to take such scandalous pictures.

Salma Al-Shimi and the pyramids crisis

And last year, the model, Salma El-Shimi, sparked widespread controversy after wearing a Pharaonic costume, with which she underwent a photo session in front of the pyramid of Djoser. Where it appeared through it in a way described as “inappropriate, exciting and interesting in its way.”

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What angered many of the pioneers of social networking sites. Especially since the photos were taken in a place of great historical value.

Social networking sites were topped at the time, pictures of the daring photo session that Salma El-Shimi underwent, and published them through her account on “Instagram”. Words that contain inappropriate overtones, along with “emotion +18.

The security authorities intervened, as a source revealed that surveillance cameras had been examined in the archaeological area in Giza. Access to the person responsible for photographing the “Saqqara pyramid model” girl inside the archaeological area.

Then, after a few hours, the security services arrested the model, Salma El-Shimi and the photographer, Hussam Mohamed. They were transferred to the Public Prosecution Office, but she was released.

Salma El-Shimi confirmed after her crisis that she had received many offers in order to participate in artworks during the coming period.

Al-Shimi explained in statements to the media. She wishes to present the life story of the late artist Suad Hosni in a work of art in case she was offered the work by any production or director.

Salma El-Shimi indicated that she loved Suad Hosni since she was young, studied her character greatly and loved her works like Khali Balk from Zuzu. Amira, my love for me and other works that inhabit the hearts of her lovers.

After the controversy surrounding the Saqqara incident, Salma Al-Shimi wrote on her Facebook page: “Thank you to all the Prime Time Zone who stood beside me. I would like to thank all the Prime Time Zone, whether those who stood beside me or the one who attacked me, but in the end I am a human being. Whatever does what others do may look right, and maybe someone else will see it wrong. ”

She added: “In the end, I respect all Prime Time Zone, respect all opinions, and respect my family very much, and I don’t want someone to be upset with me. Or he says words that are not true about me and in the other. Please close the topic. This is why there will be no reason for ruining the lives of others. We are all exposed to the distress of me at the beginning of my life and I want to complete it without you being a reason at the end of it.

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