Nurse caught practicing vice with a Corona patient | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Indonesian authorities have imprisoned a nurse and a patient with Coronavirus, after they were caught practicing vice in a toilet in a health facility in the capital, Jakarta.

Exchanged messages

According to media outlets, the patient participating in the crime posted a picture on the Internet of the nurse’s personal protective equipment lying on the floor, along with a “print screen” of their exchanged messages of sexual content.

After their relationship spread widely on social media, the Indonesian authorities opened an investigation into the patient and the nurse.

Underworld practice

They both admitted that they met to practice vice in the toilet of the quarantine facility that was formerly an Olympic sports village, before being transferred to a hospital designated for the Coronavirus earlier this year.

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As announced by Lt. Col. Ara Heroin B. Q, the head of information in the Regional Military Command, their arrest. He told local media: “This case has been transferred to the Central Jakarta Police. We have secured the health worker to become a witness and are requesting more information. ”

“Meanwhile, the patient is still under isolation in the hospital,” he added. He continued: “Due to the circumstances and the rules of the health protocol, the nurse was in contact with a Covid-19 patient, so she is subject to isolation for some time.”

The tests are positive

The man tested positive, while the nurse’s results were negative.

Although the photos posted on the Internet are not pornographic, officials have asserted that they face criminal prosecution because of their nature.

Indonesia enforces strict pornography laws, and if found guilty, they face a maximum sentence of up to ten years in prison.

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