Officially: Juventus sack coach Pirlo with news of the return of former coach Allegri | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Italian club Juventus announced today, Friday, in a press release published on its official account on the social networking site “Twitter”, the dismissal of its Italian coach Andrea Pirlo from the leadership of the old lady’s team, despite the successes and failures he achieved with the team during the season.

Juventus and Pirlo sacked

The Italian Juventus team wrote through its official account, saying: “Thank you Andrea, these are the first words that we must pronounce at the end of this special experience that we live together.”

The statement added, “A few months ago, Andrea Pirlo, as one of the symbols of world football, started a new adventure on the bench seats of the old lady, which was his first as a coach.

And the statement continued, “Pirlo’s courage with the team emerged during a period of thousands of difficulties as a result of the Corona virus epidemic, which forced the world to reinvent the special rules day by day.”

Juventus and the Adventure of Pirlo

And he added, “Coach Pirlo will undoubtedly be a wonderful career in training, it is the adventure of transformation and the quest to bring his ideas and experience as a hero on the field to the world of training.”

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And the statement added, saying: “Since then, victories are what matter most in the world of football. Within a few months, Juventus, with coach Pirlo, won the Super Cup and the Italian Cup during his season with the team.”

“Since then, victories have been the most important thing in football, let us remember them. Within a few short months, Juventus and Pirlo won the Italian Super Cups and the Coppa Italia,” he added.

The statement concluded, “We thank you Andrea for all this, and for the courage that you have shown every day from the heart, and we wish you good luck in the future which will certainly be wonderful.”

Pirlo’s career with Juventus

The Juventus team appointed Italian coach Pirlo to lead the team’s training in the summer of last year, as it was his first experience where he had no previous coaching experience.

Coach Pirlo failed to defend the Italian league title, “Calcio”, but he managed to reach the four places of the league standings that qualify for participation in the Champions League competitions next season, but he succeeded in crowning the team with the Super Cup and the King’s Cup of Italy.

Juventus and contract with Alegre

The famous Italian journalist, Fabrizio Romano, who works for the Italian “Sky Sports” network, revealed that former coach Massimiliano Allegri has returned to coach Juventus again after the sacking of coach Pirlo.

And the journalist Romano stated that the management of the Italian Juventus team had signed a contract with the coach Alegre until the summer of June 2025 with an annual salary of 9 million euros annually.

Italian league

Inter Milan is at the top of the Italian “Calcio” league with 91 points, and the rival neighbor, AC Milan, came with 79 points.

It is followed by Atalanta with 78 points, the same number with Juventus.

In fifth place, Napoli came one point ahead of Juventus, with 77 points, while Lazio’s team came in sixth place with 68 points.

The Italian team, Roma, came seventh in the standings with 62 points, tied with Sassuolo with the same points.

Sampdoria team ranked ninth with 52 points, and Hellas Verona came in tenth with 45 points.

Top scorers of the Italian League

Cristiano Ronaldo is the top scorer in the Italian league with Juventus, with 29 goals, who recently won the league’s top scorer at the end of the current season.

He was followed by the Belgian striker in the ranks of Inter Milan, Romelu Lukaku, with 24 goals, while Colombian striker Luis Muriel, the striker in the Atalanta team, came with 22 goals.

As for the third place, the Serbian striker Dusan Vlahovic came with the Fiorentina team with 21 goals, while the Italian striker Shiro Immobili, the player in the ranks of Lazio, came in fifth with 20 goals during the Italian League competitions.

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