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Officially starting teaching the Hebrew language in educational institutions in the UAE | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The Emirati authorities began teaching Emiratis the Hebrew language, according to the newspaper, “Gulf News“The Emirati woman, in a move that embodies the meaning of the normalization that the UAE reached with Israel at the end of last year.

New institute in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

The Emirati English-language newspaper stated that learning the Hebrew language in Dubai and Abu Dhabi takes place through the New Hebrew Educational Institute (EHI).

The newspaper claimed, that this comes in the wake of the increase in interest in Jewish culture and language after the signing of the normalization agreement. Between the United Arab Emirates and Israel in 2020.

Josh Samet, director of the institute, said that the institutes’ courses are fully accredited, recognized, and licensed by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). A certificate will be presented to each participant upon completion of the EHI Hebrew Language Course.

According to the newspaper, the institute offers online courses specifically designed to meet individual needs and level of expertise.

The newspaper added: “The courses are taught live in a virtual classroom on Zoom, where learners can see and speak to the teacher, write on the board and review exercises. Obtaining correction when necessary.

According to the website, there are three levels of Hebrew language courses available from beginners to advanced Hebrew.

Increasing request

“The recent peace agreement between Israel, the UAE and Bahrain raised a great demand in the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and the Gulf states for knowledge and education about the Hebrew language and culture,” said Samet.

Although there is no peace agreement yet between Israel and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Hebrew Educational Institute already has many participants from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries in EHI’s online courses. ”

“They learn Hebrew online from home through the Hebrew Institute’s classes from 7 am to 11 pm,” said Samet.

Similarities between Arabic and Hebrew

“For Emiratis here in the Emirates and Arabic speakers, it is very easy to learn Hebrew because many of the Hebrew and Arabic words are similar,” he added.

He continued, “They have the same grammar, they are both Semitic languages. Both the Hebrew and Arabic languages ​​are based on systems with three-letter roots. Hebrew and Arabic share some alphabet.

The Emirati ambassador to Israel

Earlier, an Emirati account specialized in its media leaks said that the Emirati ambassador to Israel, Muhammad Al Khaja, informed the Prime Minister of the Occupation, Benjamin Netanyahu, Abu Dhabi’s support for Tel Aviv.

The “Emirati Secrets” account added, in a tweet monitored by “Watan”: “Muhammad Al Khajah, the UAE ambassador to Israel, was informed. Benjamin Netanyahu, his country’s readiness to stand by the Israelis against terrorism and terrorists.

The Emirati account asked, saying ..: “Did he mean Palestine, its Prime Time Zone, and its resistance with these words?”

A busy reception of an Emirati request

Earlier, the same account revealed the secret of the warm reception of the Emirati ambassador to Israel Muhammad Al Khajah, Which the UAE celebrated as a historic achievement.

The Emirati Secrets account confirmed that the Emirati authorities had asked Israel for its ambassador in Tel Aviv to receive this full and special reception.

The Emirati account said: “The Emirati authorities are asking Israel for their ambassador in Tel Aviv, Muhammad Al Khaja, to receive a reception. “Full and special, as well as that which the Zionist entity officials recently enjoyed in the Emirates.”

The ambassador arrives in occupied Jerusalem

Earlier, the first UAE ambassador to Israel, Muhammad Al Khaja, presented his credentials to its president, Reuven Rivlin, in occupied Jerusalem.

The Israeli president officially received the first Emirati ambassador to the Jewish state, after the historic normalization agreement. Signed by the two countries last year.

At the beginning of his speech, Rivlin addressed the Emirati ambassador in Arabic and welcomed him, saying, “Welcome, Mr. Ambassador, welcome to Jerusalem, in Jerusalem.”

He added, “The Israeli Prime Time Zone are happy and welcome you.”

“Your mission will be the most important one,” the Israeli president said. “The leaders sign treaties, but real and lasting peace is made by the Prime Time Zone.”

‘Historic agreement’

For his part, Mohammed Al Khaja affirmed that “the historic peace agreement works for concerted efforts to enhance stability and security in our region and will create a better path.”

“The two countries have begun to face challenges to regional and international security as a common goal,” he added.

“I will work diligently to strengthen political ties between the two countries in the service of our peoples and regional stability,” he said.

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