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Oman Police arrests a gang of girls in Muscat, blackmailing Omanis with seductive pictures | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The security services in the Sultanate of Oman arrested an African gang specialized in swindling and defrauding citizens through false photos.

Temptation and fraud

The Royal Oman Police stated, in a statement via its official Twitter account, that the Muscat Governorate Police Command. She has arrested a man and two African women who were seducing Prime Time Zone with pictures through some social media applications.

The statement indicated that the gang is luring the victims to their residence, and deceiving them and extorting them later. In exchange for cash.

The police stressed that the legal procedures against the gang are being completed.

Similar African gangs are widespread in the Gulf countries, especially the UAE, which witnessed a crime in which its heroine was a woman in Dubai. Men lure those seeking forbidden pleasure into her apartment, and what happens after they enter the apartment and fall into a trap is shocking.

And according to what was reported by “Emirates Today” newspaper at the time, the director of the General Department of Criminal Investigations and Investigations in the emirate. He received security information indicating that African gangs are carrying out electronic extortion operations by posting pictures of European girls. On social media, and the victim deluding that the speaker is a girl who wants to get to know him.

He pointed out that the victim goes to the girl’s residence address and when he gets there, he is shocked by another woman other than the owner of the photo. Then he discovers that he has been ambushed.

The gang members punched on him, beat him, and filmed him in disgraceful situations, then stole all his belongings and even forced him to reveal. They disclose the secret number of his bank cards, withdraw his balance, then release him after threatening him and blackmailing him with the picture that they took of him.

And through interrogation with them, it was found that they were renting apartments with false identities so as not to be caught, and to lure victims to them.

A pilot before inviting an American girl

A pilot in an Emirati airline has also fallen victim to an African gang that also operates in Dubai.

The pilot met a girl who told him that she was American, and she asked him to come to her apartment to have a cup. Of tea with her, so he accepted the invitation.

Indeed, the pilot went to the residence of the “girl” and as soon as he reached and knocked on the door of the apartment, he found himself opening the door of hell. When an African woman received him, he asked her about his “new girlfriend,” and she told him that she was waiting for him inside, so he entered to find 4 men, and the same number of women. All of them are of the same nationality.

And immediately they started beating the pilot on separate parts of his body, forcing him to take off his clothes, taking his phone, and photographing him naked. And seized his bank cards.

When the pilot refused to hand them the secret numbers for those cards, one of the girls took out a hot iron and threatened him. He cried his skin if he persisted in rejection, and he was afraid, and he handed it to them.

The gang assigned one of its members to use the cards to verify their authenticity, and to withdraw money from the victim’s account. He owes about 19,450 dirhams, and he returned to the apartment to give them the signal to release him, before the mass escape from the place.

Oman and prostitutes

It is worth noting that the Royal Oman Police, weeks ago, struck prostitutes in the country.

At the time, the police announced that they had arrested a number of foreign women in the south of Al-Batinah, on charges of practicing them. Immoral acts. In a scene repeated before it in Al Khuwair, Muscat.

The Sultanate of Oman Police said, in an official statement published at the time on its Twitter page, that the Police Command of the Governorate of South Al Batinah. Arrested 18 foreign women on charges of engaging in acts contrary to morals and public morals.

And last month, it announced The Royal Police Also in an official statement on Twitter, the Muscat Governorate Police Command. Supported by the concerned groups, a security operation was carried out that resulted in the arrest of 63 women of different nationalities carrying out acts that violated public morals and morals.

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