Oman’s economic situation is “very bad” .. Dangerous statements by a prominent official | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Federation of Workers of the Sultanate of Oman, Nabhan Al-Battashi, revealed that some companies in the Sultanate notified the Ministry of Labor about their desire to lay off their workers during the coming period.

“Al-Batashi” said during his statements on the “With Al-Shabiba” program, that there is a mass layoff, and there is an individual termination of services.

He explained during his statements that the state of mass layoffs is accelerating and may double during the current year 2021. Compared to last year.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Federation of Omani Workers confirmed that the decisions of the Supreme Committee prevented layoffs for the national workforce. But economic conditions force companies to do so.

And he stressed that the economic situation of the Sultanate is “very bad”, but it has its justifications.

He indicated during his speech that there is a systematic layoff by employers against employees with higher salaries, “which affects the consequence. On his retirement system as well, and we are working to solve this harmful phenomenon.

Al-Batashi revealed that if the situation continues as it is, there are expectations that the number of demobilized persons will double during the year 2022, and it may become on a daily basis.

He pointed out that the General Union, in partnership with the rest of the union structures, made settlements on the issue of wages in the affected companies.

He explained that, “On the other hand, some companies took advantage of the crisis in several ways, including contracting with subcontracting companies at low wages.”

Leave the country’s workforce

According to local Omani news outlets, the number of the workforce wishing to correct their situation and leave the country has reached sixty-five thousand, one hundred and seventy-three workers.

Forty-six thousand three hundred and fifty-five workers have actually left them today.

The Ministry of Labor stated that the correction period will end on March 31, and applications received after this date will not be considered.

On the condition that the expatriate workforce benefiting from the grace period leave within a maximum period of June 30th.

These measures came within the repercussions of the Coronavirus “Covid 19”, which affected various sectors in the Sultanate.

The Omani Ministry of Labor had previously announced that it would allow non-Omani manpower to leave for their countries. With exemption from all fees and fines.

On the condition that she “permanently leaves the Sultanate,” it came into effect on 15 October of last year as a gesture for the sake of the future. Mitigating the economic impacts on the private sector and achieving balance in the labor market.

According to the Director General of Labor Welfare at the Omani Ministry of Labor, Salem bin Saeed Al Badi, the work is for a period. Al-Samah, this has been well received by the non-Omani workforce, who can benefit from it through registration. Through the ministry’s website, or Sanad services centers.

The director of the Omani Ministry of Labor confirmed that the applications submitted after March 31 will not be considered. Provided that the expatriate workforce benefiting from the grace period leaves within a period not later than the 30th of next June.

He also said that all requests and approvals will be canceled, immediately after the end of this period.

Omanization of jobs

In addition, the Ministry of Labor issued a notice to owners of commercial and consumer complexes of the necessity to adhere to the ministerial decision. No. (8/2021), which will be implemented from July 20, 2021.

Practicing the professions of selling, accounting, money exchange, administration and arranging goods in stores, according to the law, is restricted to Omanis only. In all consumer malls.

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