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Syrian actress Nisreen Tafesh sparked controversy among her fans after publishing a new photo of her on the day of Arafa, where she appeared in the veil.

Nisreen Tafesh appeared in the photo that she posted on her personal Instagram account, and was spotted by (Watan) wearing a white cloak and an incomplete veil, from which her hair appeared.

She commented on the photo, saying: “Oh God, answer our prayers on the Day of Arafa and Eid al-Adha Mubarak, bringing health, peace and joy to all the world.”

Activists criticized the appearance of Nisreen Tafesh with what they described as a “half veil”, where most of her hair was shown, and she also revealed her arms and part of her chest.

It is noteworthy that during the last period, Nisreen Tafesh shared her fans with photos and videos from her vacation and her trips to Dubai and the Maldives.

Nasreen also traveled to the French city of Cannes to attend the Cannes Film Festival, see her look

Nisreen participated in the last Ramadan season through the series “Al-Maddah” with Hamada Hilal, written by Amin Jamal, Walid Abu Al-Majd, Sherif Yousry and directed by Ahmed Samir Farag.

Nisreen Tafesh raises controversy with “hot shorts”!

A few days ago, the Syrian artist sparked controversy among her fans after her latest photo session, during which she appeared next to a helicopter.

Nisreen appeared in the photos she posted on her Instagram account, wearing a striped jumpsuit and hot shorts.

Nisreen commented on the pictures: (Fly, fly away).

Nisreen’s pictures came as part of her entertainment tour in France, specifically in Saint-Tropez, where she is there to attend the 74th Cannes Film Festival.

Nisreen Tafesh shows off her femininity

And just a day before, the Syrian artist published pictures of her wearing a very short dress, in which she showed off her femininity, and attached them to a comment: (No one is higher or inferior than you, not even similar to you… Simply every human being is unique in his own right and is not compared to anyone… You are you. And I’m me).

Nisreen began reviewing her looks in France with pictures through her Instagram account, in which she appeared wearing short green shorts, revealing her charms.

Tafesh enclosed the three pictures that she published with the phrase: (You do not need to search for happiness, for it will come to you when you have prepared a site for it to reside in your heart).

Nisreen Tafesh on the red carpet at Cannes

The Syrian artist’s appearance on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival won the admiration of the audience and the artist’s followers.

Tafesh, through her Instagram account, published pictures of a charming look, in a dress designed by Atelier Zahra.

Nisreen Tafesh in a stunning dress on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival

The audience described the Syrian artist as “Cinderella” of the festival, and that she is a queen in every place and time, while some observers wondered why Nisreen Tafesh did not publish any picture of the dress from the front.

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