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A mysterious explosion rocked the most important market in Gaza City, on Thursday morning, which led to the death of a citizen and the injury of ten others, as a result of a huge fire that led to the collapse of a number of homes and shops.

Video clips monitored by Watan showed a large fire erupting as a result of the unknown explosion, which caused great terror to the Palestinian citizens.

A video also showed the moment a fire broke out a few minutes before the explosion in Al-Zawiya market in Gaza City this morning.

Gaza explosion

While a video clip and photos broadcast by Arab media outlets showed the first scenes of the damage caused by the explosion, which occurred in a store in Al-Zawiya market.

The videos show great destruction as a result of an explosion in the Omar Al-Mukhtar area in Gaza City, while the police and civil defense teams rushed to the scene.

Official statement from the Ministry of the Interior

In this context, the Ministry of Interior in Gaza announced the death of a citizen and the wounding of 10 others in an explosion in the Al-Zawiya market area in Gaza City.

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The ministry’s spokesman, Iyad Al-Bazm, said that an explosion occurred in the Al-Zawiya market area inside a house consisting of several floors, which led to the death of a citizen and the injury of 10 others.

Al-Buzum added that the explosion led to collapses in large parts of the house, and other damages to nearby houses and shops.

He pointed out that the civil defense and police teams were able to control the fire resulting from the explosion and evacuate the injured, and the explosives engineering teams of the police and specialized agencies continue to investigate the causes of the explosion.

The Al-Zawiya market, where the explosion occurred, is one of the most famous and oldest markets in Gaza City, and it is usually crowded with vendors and shoppers in the city, in the morning hours.

Gas cylinders and fire Nuseirat

Local sources suggested that the explosion was caused by the explosion of gas cylinders stored in a shop, which brought to mind the Nusseirat fire that occurred last year and led to the death and injury of dozens of Palestinians at the time.

The Ministry of Interior and National Security in the Gaza Strip announced, at the time, that the initial results of the fire that took place in the Nusseirat camp, in the middle of the Strip, and caused the death of 9 Palestinians and the injury of dozens; Caused by a gas leak inside a bakery.

The Ministry of Interior said, in a statement that Anatolia received a copy of it, “Through the preliminary investigation, it was found that the fire was caused by a gas leak inside a bakery, which led to a fire in the place.”

The statement added, “The fire was followed by an explosion of a number of gas cylinders, and its extension to the facilities and adjacent shops.”

And he continued, “In the meantime, the competent forces and agencies are still working on following up on the effects caused at the site of the fire.”

At that time, the Ministry of Health in Gaza announced the death of nine citizens, including four children, three women, and two men, as a result of a fire that broke out in the middle of the Gaza Strip, injuring 58 citizens of varying degrees, including 14 serious cases, who are still receiving intensive care in the corridors of hospitals. in Gaza.

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