Only demons can do it .. “Witness” what Kuwaiti fishermen found among the rocks and caused a sensation! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Activists circulated on social media a video documenting the moment a group of fishermen found works of magic and sorcery, talismans, and Qur’ans hidden among the rocks in the Sea of ​​Kuwait.

Mockery among the rocks

A fisherman appears in the video that “Watan” monitored, showing to the camera what they found during the hunting trip, and says: “Today, Tuesday, 1/5/2021, these magical works are deleted here among the rocks, and this is the Noble Qur’an, and this is a work and tuna we nullified three before it. “.


Al-Sayyad continued: “A call to the officials, what is happening is wrong, and God will hold you accountable for what is happening. There is no power or power except with God.”

The video angered the Kuwaitis, who called for tightening control and follow-up, and putting in place laws that deter these saboteurs.

Confiscation of magic incantations

Witchcraft acts are spread in Kuwait, and they are descending on the country from various outlets, and the General Administration of Customs can only confiscate magic talismans in the absence of a deterrent law that criminalizes and increases the punishment for those who commit this act.

The measure taken is limited to preventing entry to the country in the event that the person bringing these talismans is an expatriate, and to sign a declaration pledging not to repeat this matter if he is a citizen, and there is still hope among customs officials on new legislation to be adopted by members of Parliament to limit these destructive acts and talismans To the country.

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