Operetta The Hebrew Dream … A satirical song from Israel that is causing a sensation. “Video” A nation is tweeting out of tune


The satirical artist, Tamer Jamal, broadcast a satirical song from Israel and its horror from the rockets of the Palestinian resistance, titled “The Hebrew Dream Operetta,” in the manner of the famous operetta “The Arab Dream,” which embodied Arab unity in solidarity with Palestine with the start of the Palestinian uprising.

Operetta The Hebrew Dream

The satirical song The Hebrew Dream, according to what “Watan” monitored, followed the format of the operetta “The Arab Dream”, which was produced many years ago. The artist criticized the Arab wave of normalization led by the UAE since the last quarter of last year.

Artist Tamer Jamal published the song in which he addressed the rockets of the resistance, the Iron Dome, and normalization with Israel, on his social media accounts.

The pioneers of social networking sites interacted with the song of the satirical artist, the Hebrew dream, which was considered a treatment of the reality experienced by Israelis and Arab typists.

Operetta The Arab Dream

The operetta The Arab Dream is an Arabic lyrical operetta published in 1998, about the dream of the Arab Prime Time Zone to establish Arab unity in the union of the Arab nation, as stated in the first and most famous section of the operetta:

It became famous in September 2000, after the second Al-Aqsa Intifada, which broke out after the desecration of Ariel Sharon, then the Israeli Defense Minister, of the Al-Aqsa Mosque square. This operetta was shown repeatedly on different Arab satellite channels, which earned him a wider fame.

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This operetta is produced by Ahmed El-Eryan and directed by Tarek El-Erian, written by Egyptian poet Medhat El-Adl, composed by Egyptian composers Salah Al-Sharnoubi and Helmy Bakr, and music distribution by Libyan distributor Hamid Al-Shairi.

It was shown on all Arab satellite channels and a large number of Arab artists participated in it, and it has a video clip that displays clips and scenes from the modern history of the Arab nation.

This operetta has a second part published at the beginning of the third millennium entitled Al-Dameer Al-Arabi.

Israel and Hamas

Earlier, a Hebrew channel, on Thursday, quoted informed sources as saying that Cairo had invited both Israel and the Hamas movement to start negotiations to conclude a deal to exchange prisoners.

The official Channel 11 said that no date has been set yet for the talks, which will be hosted in Cairo with Egyptian mediation and supervision.

An Egyptian delegation arrived in Israel at the end of last week to discuss installing a sustainable lull, rebuilding the Gaza Strip after the recent aggression, and concluding a deal to exchange prisoners.

The channel said that Israel has set two conditions for these talks. The first is that they take place through separate tracks, and the other is that progress in the prisoner exchange negotiations is a condition for progress in the Gaza reconstruction file.

Conditions for reconstruction efforts

On the other hand, the “Axios” news site said that Israeli officials informed the US Secretary of State that a number of conditions must be met before they allow the start of reconstruction efforts in Gaza.

The site quoted Israeli officials that the Biden administration should pressure Egypt to monitor its border crossing with Gaza, and to prevent entry of dual-use materials that could enhance the military industry of Hamas, in addition to the demand for progress towards the recovery of Israeli soldiers and citizens held by Hamas, according to the site.

The site considered that the US administration wants to coordinate reconstruction with the Palestinian Authority, which has no influence in Gaza, and to exclude Hamas, which has controlled the Strip for more than two decades.

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