“Osoul” signs a memorandum of understanding with “BH Mubasher” to trade in foreign markets


Osool Brokerage and Securities Brokerage Company has signed a preliminary memorandum of understanding with BH Mubasher Financial Services “MUBASHER.BH” in Dubai, as part of the first’s endeavor to contribute to a company that enables its clients to be able to trade in the Gulf stock markets safely and legally.

The company explained that according to the signed memorandum, its parties agreed that there would be a cooperation agreement that would enable the emerging company to have access to all global markets available in America, Europe, Asia and others.

Last week, the board of directors of ESB Osool Securities Brokerage Company approved the completion of the technical and economic study regarding the participation in a company in the UAE, which enables clients to trade on shares traded on international and regional exchanges.

The company added in a statement to the Egyptian Stock Exchange today, Wednesday, that it was decided to authorize the vice-chairman of the board of directors to complete negotiations and reach a final agreement with one of the companies operating in the UAE, which specializes in the field of trading in foreign markets, to contract with it.

It also decided to seek the help of one of the distinguished and specialized expertise in the field of trading in foreign markets.

The article “Usul” signs a memorandum of understanding with “BH Mubasher” for trading in foreign markets was written in Al Borsa newspaper.