Thursday, April 15, 2021

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan raises a sensation after linking rape with women’s clothing!


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The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, sparked widespread controversy with statements in which he linked rape and women’s clothing. Especially. With his demand for women to be modest.

Increased incidence of rape

Khan said, in a TV interview, that the increase in rape cases indicated “the repercussions of increasing vulgarity in any society.” He emphasized that the incidents of rape of women in society increased very quickly.

During his speech, the Pakistani prime minister advised women to be modest; To avoid the temptation of men.

A wide condemnation campaign

In the context, the British newspaper “The Guardian” said that activists and human rights defenders have accused the Prime Minister Imran Khan. With what they called “astonishing ignorance.”

Hundreds of Prime Time Zone also signed a statement circulating on the Internet, on Wednesday, describing Khan’s statements as “factually incorrect.” Not sensitive to feeling and dangerous ”.

The statement reads: “The mistake only falls on the rapist and the system that allows him to do so, and within that culture. Reinforced by statements such as those made by Khan ”.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, an independent human rights oversight body, said on Tuesday that it was “appalled” by the statements. According to the French network France24.

“This not only betrays an astonishing ignorance of where, why and how the rape occurred, but it also blames it,” UNHCR added. The same applies to rape survivors. They range – as the government should know – between young girls and victims of honor killings. ”

Pakistan is a very conservative country, where victims of sexual assault are often viewed with suspicion, and criminal complaints are rarely seriously investigated.

But the country consistently ranks among the worst places in the world for gender equality.

Constant criticism

Last year, internal protests erupted across the country when a police chief blamed a victim of a mass sexual assault. To drive it at night without a male companion.

The French-Pakistani mother was raped in front of her children on the side of a highway after her car ran out of fuel.

Last year, “Khan” was also criticized, after another television appearance, in which he failed to address a Muslim cleric. He insists that the Corona virus. It has been spread due to the wrong actions of women.

This ongoing controversy comes at a time when the organizers of the International Women’s Day marches are fighting what they described as a coordinated smear campaign against them. Fake photos and videos that are circulating on the Internet.

This has led to takfiri accusations, a highly sensitive issue in Pakistan, in which similar allegations have occurred in the past. To the mob attacking some Prime Time Zone.

The organizers of the annual march called on the prime minister to intervene.

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