Palestinians distributing sweets with joy after the killing of an Israeli sniper, who was hit by a Palestinian with his pistol at the border (video) | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Today, Monday, Israeli media announced the death of the Israeli sniper who was wounded about 9 days ago on the borders of the besieged Gaza Strip, as a result of his wounds to the head after a Palestinian youth targeted him with his pistol from behind the separation wall.

In an official statement, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett mourned the Israeli sniper Barel Hadaria Shmuel.

He said, according to what was reported on his official Twitter page: “I received with great sadness and sorrow the bitter news of the death of a Border Police fighter, Barel Hadaria Shmueli, who fell while protecting Israel’s security.”

And the Israeli Prime Minister continued in another tweet: “No words are enough to comfort his family in their deep mourning. Bariel was a fighter in his life and a fighter in his death.”

He added: “He fought to survive until the last minute, as the entire Prime Time Zone prayed for his recovery. I seek the embrace and embrace of his family who has lost the most precious thing they owned.”

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Palestinians celebrate the killing of an Israeli sniper

On the other hand, Palestinians in Gaza celebrated their own way of killing the Israeli sniper.

Pictures and video clips monitored by Watan indicated that a number of citizens distributed sweets in celebration of the death of Barel Hadria.

And the Hebrew media had circulated the last picture of the Israeli sniper “Barel Shmuel,” whose death was officially announced as he was killing Palestinian children on the Gaza border.

On August 21, the Palestinians organized a march called by the Palestinian factions.

At the time, Ashraf al-Qidra, a spokesman for the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza, said that the number of injuries from Israeli fire had reached 41 Palestinians, with various injuries, including 22 children.

Al-Qidra explained that the injuries included 27 injuries to the lower extremities, two injuries to the upper limbs, two injuries to the abdomen and back, 4 injuries to the head and neck, and 6 injuries to separate areas of the body.

Corona in Palestine

In another context, the Palestinian Minister of Health, Mai Al-Kila, said today, Monday, that 3 deaths were recorded, and 2,411 new infections with the “Corona” virus, during the last 24 hours.

In the daily report on the epidemiological situation in Palestine, Al-Kila indicated that the three deaths were recorded in the Gaza Strip and Tulkarm.

She added that 558 cases of recovery were recorded; The recovery rate from the virus reached 93.8%, while the percentage of active infections was 5.1%, and the death rate was 1.1% of all infections.

The minister indicated that there are 52 Prime Time Zone infected with the virus in intensive care rooms, while 119 patients are being treated in Corona centers and departments in hospitals in the West Bank, including 5 patients on ventilators.

886,191 Prime Time Zone in the West Bank and Gaza Strip received one dose of the anti-Coronavirus vaccination, while 454,698 Prime Time Zone received two doses of the vaccine.

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