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Parliamentary crisis between Morocco and Algeria after the Algerian parliament moved from under the table against Rabat | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Habib Al-Maliki, speaker of the Moroccan House of Representatives, criticized the Algerian Parliament’s correspondence to the new US President, Joe Biden. In order to cancel the US customary decision on Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara.

Al-Maliki described, during a seminar marking the end of the autumn session, today, Friday, the Algerian step as “confusion and jitter.” He said there was a miscalculation in this step. What confirms the presence of a kind of confusion and jitter “according to the site”Hespress“.

Algerian Parliament message to Biden

The Algerian parliament had called on US President Joe Biden to review Trump’s decision on recognizing Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara. Pointing out that Trump’s announcement is a “violation of the American positions on this issue classified by the United Nations as a case of decolonization,” according to the letter’s expression.

Al-Maliki considered that “what is strange about the Algerians’ initiative is that parliaments in the world do not address heads of state, but rather another parliament.”

Al-Maliki confirmed that the Moroccan Parliament is preparing to respond to its Algerian counterpart.

He also confirmed that it was decided, at the level of heads of representative teams and groups, to “send a reply note to the Algerian Parliament and Congress. Regarding the correspondence of the new US administration on the issue of the recognition of the Moroccan Sahara.

The Speaker of the Moroccan Parliament holds Algeria responsible for the conflict

Al-Maliki criticized Algeria, blaming it for the continuation of the Moroccan Sahara conflict, calling for a return to the right thing and to stop wasting Maghreb time. As he says.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives wondered about the goal and purposes behind Algeria’s sticking to its rigid positions, which he said did not respond to the historical movement. That the world lives today, considering that South Africa and Algeria are the only countries that exist out of context.

It is worth noting that Mohamed Nabil Benabdallah, Secretary General of the Progress and Socialism Party, had confirmed the existence of a Moroccan parliamentary initiative in the House of Representatives and the House of Advisors. It aims to correspond with the parliamentary groups in Algeria, stressing that the content of the letter will confirm Morocco’s indifference to the threats and the auctions. Coming from the kingdom’s eastern neighbor, with the indication that we extend our hands with peace. As he says.

And Moroccan media accused Algeria of continuing to pressure the United States and the new American administration. To withdraw former US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara.

This comes within the framework of the raging conflict between the two countries for decades, which was renewed recently with the flare up of the Moroccan and Polisario crisis. And Trump’s recognition of Morocco’s right to Western Sahara.

Beginning with Joe Biden

The newspaper said:Hispress“The Moroccan, since the United States recognized the Moroccan Sahara, Algeria has been striving to change this position. Especially after the appointment of the new president, Joe Biden.

The newspaper pointed out that, despite the pressure exerted by some senators loyal to the Polisario Front. Observers rule out the new US administration’s retreat from recognizing the Moroccan Sahara.

The newspaper pointed out that this is due to the close cooperation that brings together Rabat and Washington in various fields, especially security and military.

Algerian friendly letters to the United States

In the context, the newspaper quoted Hassan Balawan, a political analyst and expert in international relations. He said that Algeria has been striving to send messages of goodwill to the new US administration since the announcement of President Biden’s election.

The political analyst considered Trump’s decision on the Western Sahara as a resounding slap by Trump to Algeria, as he described it.

“Since the inauguration of President Joe Biden, Algeria has intensified its contacts to pressure the officials of the new administration to cancel Trump’s decision or announce its reversal,” Bellawan added.

Four Algerian mechanisms

Bellawan explained that, to achieve its goal, Algeria adopts four mechanisms, adding: “None of them achieved any significant breakthrough.”

According to Bloan, the first mechanism is related to “media propaganda of fallacies and lies suggesting that the new administration has canceled or will cancel the American decision on the Sahara.” According to his saying.

He pointed out that this came after it archived all the decisions of the previous administration, saying: “It is a normal procedure with each new stage.”

He added, “The second mechanism is to pump more money from the Algerian Prime Time Zone to finance and reactivate the American lobby in support of Algeria and the Polisario.”

He continued, “Senator James Anhoff tried to raise the issue of the Moroccan Sahara during the inauguration session of the new US Secretary of Defense without getting what he wanted.”

The Moroccan political analyst added: “The third mechanism that Algeria tried to overthrow the American recognition of the Moroccan Sahara. The Algerian Foreign Minister Sabri Boukadoum sent congratulatory messages immediately after the inauguration of the new Foreign Minister Blinken.

According to the Moroccan analyst, the Algerian minister urged his US counterpart to cooperate in regional issues, without receiving positive signals.

And he continued: “As for the last mechanism, it is Algeria’s help with its traditional allies, especially within the African continent, through delegating to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in South Africa. Which directly called on President Biden to cancel the American recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara.

Biden administration ignores the Algerian demand

The Moroccan analyst indicated that it is undeniable that the new administration announced the retreat, review, or re-examination of a set of Trump’s decisions.

And that this comes in accordance with Biden and his team’s vision of the priority strategic interests and goals of the United States of America.

He added, “Many decisions regarding Trump have been reviewed, including those signed within the framework of normalization agreements between some Arab countries and Israel. Without referring to the Moroccan Sahara issue, ”according to him.

Ballawan ruled out the possibility of reversing the American decision on the Moroccan Sahara for a number of basic reasons.

The most important of these reasons, according to the Moroccan analyst, is the position that Trump explicitly expressed in a presidential declaration on the Sahara.

He added, “This is a state decision adopted by most of the previous administrations, both the Democratic and Republican, and it formed the core of the American policy towards the issue of the Moroccan Sahara.”

Biden is different from his predecessors

The political analyst indicated that the Biden administration differs with the previous administration in all cases and files, with the exception of the normalization agreements, which it welcomed and called for its support and expansion of its scope.

And he continued, “So the new administration cannot risk this momentum, especially since Joe Biden and his deputy, Kamla Harris, are among the staunch defenders of Israel and one of its biggest friends.”

He indicated that it should be noted that there are a number of sensitive positions in Israel that are occupied by Jews of Moroccan origin.

And he continued: “Although there are some faces in Biden’s team, adopting trends that are contrary to the rights and legitimate interests of Morocco as USAID Director Samantha Power,” as he put it.

He added, “However, the vast majority are in line with the traditional proposal of the United States of America in support of Morocco and considering it a historical and strategic ally.”

And he added, “The role of Moroccan Jews all over the world cannot be overlooked, who have been heavily involved in the issue of the Moroccan Sahara, especially the United States.”

And he continued: “Any failure in this area could affect the positive accumulations that Morocco has achieved in its endeavor to end this fabricated conflict.”

Ignore an American

Earlier, the new US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, ignored the response to a question about the position of President Joe Biden’s administration regarding the decision by former President Donald Trump to recognize Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara.

In his first press conference, the American minister avoided answering a press question in this regard. Especially since the Biden administration has not issued any comment in this regard until today.

Pressure on America and Biden

This comes at a time when the American lobby loyal to the Polisario Front exerts pressure to cancel the decision taken by Trump after the Moroccan-Israeli normalization agreement.

Senator Jim Einhoff, chairman of the Senate Defense Committee, twice failed in two sessions to approve the appointments of both the defense and foreign ministers.

In response to a question about America’s recognition of Moroccan Sahara, military sales, F-35 sales to the United Arab Emirates, and sales to Saudi Arabia, he confirmed. Washington strongly supports the agreements.

“We consider the normalization of relations between Israel and its neighbors and other countries in the region as a very positive development,” he added. So we commended him and hopefully. There is an opportunity to build on it in the coming months and years. ”

“We are also trying to make sure that we fully understand any commitments that have been made to secure these agreements, and we are looking into this issue now,” Blinken said.

Algeria comments

In the context, the Algerian press considered that the Biden administration is seeking to review Trump’s decision on Western Sahara. Referring to the statements of his Foreign Minister in this regard.

The Algerian press also highlighted what the US Secretary of State said before the Senate, that some incentives were provided to the four countries. To improve relations with Israel deserves a closer look

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