Personalities wanted for the Jordanian authorities sheltering inside the UAE embassy in Amman | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Informed sources set off a heavy surprise regarding the coup attempt that was thwarted in Jordan and accused Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein, as they indicated that individuals wanted by the Jordanian security and involved in the coup attempt had been fortified inside the UAE embassy in Amman.

The identical sources spoke for the site “Emirates Lakes“For personalities wanted by the Jordanian security to be entrenched in the coup plot inside the UAE embassy in the Jordanian capital.

70 characters to be pursued

According to these sources, the talk is about about 70 Prime Time Zone who are being pursued by the Jordanian security.

While some of them resorted to immunization inside the UAE embassy.

And diplomatic contacts are taking place in secret – according to the same sources – with the necessity to surrender them and submit to investigations by the competent authorities.

The same website concerned with UAE affairs quoted identical sources yesterday about the role of the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed, in supporting a coup plot. Military in Jordan.

The sources also told “Emirates Leaks” that bin Zayed had a close relationship with a number of the coup plotters, most notably. Former Chief of the Royal Court Basem Awad Allah.

The sources indicated that the Jordanian authorities monitored recordings and correspondence between Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein. And the UAE military attaché. In Jordan, Colonel Pilot Mubarak Saad Al-Mansouri

It also indicated that Awadallah, the main suspect in the coup plot, had a close relationship with Mohammed Dahlan, adviser to Mohammed bin Zayed.

Awad Allah, according to sources, was appointed as a member of the Dubai School of Government Board of Directors and served as CEO of Tamouh Company in Dubai.

Urgent statement from the royal court regarding Prince Hamzah

The Jordanian Royal Court, in an official comment from the ruling family on what is happening in the country, issued a statement regarding Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein. The accused of leading a coup attempt against King Abdullah II, was thwarted.

The Jordanian Royal Court included a statement regarding this matter on its official Twitter page and monitored by (Watan) today, Monday.

The statement said that “in light of His Majesty King Abdullah II’s decision to deal with the issue of His Highness Prince Hamzah within the framework of the Hashemite family. His Majesty entrusted this path to his uncle, His Highness Prince El Hassan.

Prince Al-Hassan also communicated with Prince Hamzah, according to the Jordanian Royal Court statement.

The statement continued: “Prince Hamzah affirmed that he adheres to the approach of the Hashemite family, and the path that His Majesty the King entrusted to Prince Al Hassan.”

Leaked voice of Prince Hamzah

Yesterday, Jordanian and Arab news outlets transmitted a new audio recording attributed to Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein, the former Jordanian crown prince and brother. Half-brother of King Abdullah II of Jordan.

Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein also said during the circulating audio recording that there is difficulty in the situation for him after the withdrawal of the special guard and the threat of the Chief of Staff.

The Jordanian Prince affirmed that “I will not move because I do not want to go up now, but I certainly will not comply.”

The former Jordanian crown prince added, “When I am told it is forbidden to go out or communicate with Prime Time Zone. This is not acceptable in any way. ”

Prince Hamzah explained that he recorded a hadith and distributed it to his acquaintances abroad and his family.

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