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Pictures: A European head of state leases Messi’s private jet for a fantastic sum | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The Spanish newspaper, Marca, revealed in a report. The president of Argentina, “Alberto Fernandez,” 61, has chartered the plane of his country’s attacking star in Barcelona’s Spanish team, “Lionel Messi,” 33 years old. On a visit to the state of Mexico.

The newspaper, which circulated this news in its Tuesday issue, indicated that the plane was rented for the Argentine player, Lionel Messi. Which meets the requirements of preventing the Corona virus epidemic.

Private plane

During the visit of his country’s president to Mexico. In four days it cost him $ 160,000. The Argentine presidency pushed him to the player. Messi also bought this plane from the United States of America last 2018. It is estimated to be valued at 15 million USD.

In the same context, the Argentine newspaper, “Dupli Amarilla”, said about the specifications of Lionel Messi’s plane. “Messi’s private jet is a Golf Stream V,” she said.

Messi plane specifications

The Argentine newspaper added, “It was made in 2004 AD. The player has also added some luxuries to it, which contain 16 seats, 8 sleeping beds, two protectors, and two kitchens on the inside. Inside the player ”.

The newspaper also continued, “at the request of the Argentine star Messi. Number 10 is written on the back of the private jet. And add his name on the outside of the plane. Also on the ladder of the plane was printed the first name of the Leo player. The names of his wife and three children were also added to the airframe.

The Spanish player travels with his children. As well as the player on his private trips. Across the world. In order to participate with the matches of his Spanish team Barcelona. Besides touring for tourism and hiking. During holidays and vacations for the player. A rest time for recreation.

Barcelona lost the Champions League

The 22-year-old French star, Kylian Mbappe, the striker in Paris Saint-Germain, also led his team with a big victory over Barcelona, ​​Spain, with four wonderful goals against a single goal signed by Lionel Messi. To put the team big in the rematch early next month at the Campino.

Messi penalty kick

The match was opened by the 33-year-old Argentine player, Lionel Messi, after the team won a well-deserved penalty in the 27th minute of the match. For the player to score in a wonderful way inside the net of Costa Rican Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper Keylor Navas.

Hatrick Mbappe

The French player Mbappe, who won the Star of the Match award after scoring three goals on his field, “Princes Park”. The goal of reducing the difference and a draw for Paris Saint-Germain came in the 32nd minute, after a wonderful pass from inside the penalty area. To be shot by the player to the left of the Barcelona team.

The French star’s second goal came in the 65th minute, with a powerful shot that came to the right of the Spanish Catalan guest goalkeeper. He also scored the fourth goal after a wonderful pass scored by the player in the 85th minute, which came to the right of Barcelona’s German goalkeeper Ter Stegen.

The third goal of the match was scored by the Italian striker “Moise Kane”, 20 years old, in the 70th minute, after a wonderful pass by the hat-trick who gave a new performance. In the absence of Brazilian star Neymar from the match due to injury. The player scored with his head at a difficult angle inside the Barcelona visitors’ net.

The next home game

The rematch is scheduled to take place after today’s confrontation between both competitors in the second leg of the 16th European Champions League inside the “Parc des Princes”, the stronghold of Paris Saint-Germain, “PSG” on the twenty-fourth of this month.

League scorer

He is also the top scorer in the Spanish League this season 2020-2021, the Argentine player in the Barcelona team, Lionel Messi, with 16 goals. Equally equal to his former Uruguayan teammate, Luis Suarez, who plays for Atletico Madrid.

In third place, Spanish player Gerard Moreno ranks with Villarreal, with 14 goals. Meanwhile, Moroccan player Youssef Nassiri has scored 13 goals for the Spanish team, Sevilla, two goals behind the leaders.

A goal difference from the French cockerel Karim Benzema, the striker in the ranks of Real Madrid, which ranks fifth with 12 goals.

After the team recently returned to the winning streak again in its last matches. The French player was injured and will be absent from the Italian team at Atalatna in the Champions League and the domestic league as well.

Spanish league standings

He is at the top of the standings. Atletico Madrid, with 55 points. While the Spanish team Real Madrid, which succeeded in defeating Valladolid 1-0, remains in second place behind leaders Atletico Madrid with 52 points. Three points behind rivals Atletico Madrid.

And in third place is Seville, Spain, with 48 points, while in the center comes Barcelona, ​​which is losing ground in the competition this season, taking the lead with 47 points in the ranking table.

Real Sociedad came fifth in the ranking with 41 points, one point difference from the sixth-placed team, Villarreal, with 37 points.

Real Betis ranks seventh with 36 points, equal to Real Betis, and in eighth place came the Levante team, which recently won the league leaders Atlético Madrid with 31 points.

In the ninth place, the Granada team came with the same number of points with 30 points, and in the tenth place, the Celta Vigo team, with 29 points.

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Pictures: A European head of state leases Messi's private jet for a fantastic sum |  A nation is tweeting out of tune