Pictures: A match referee asks Haaland, a strange request, and the player fulfills | A nation is tweeting out of tune


In a strange request to rule the banner for help, which stirred controversy by the strange request of the Norwegian star “Erling Haaland” 20 years. Top scorer for the German team Borussia Dortmund.

During the first-leg match of the quarter-finals of the Champions League, against rival Manchester City, England. Which ended with City winning two goals against one goal.

Assistant referees

He also showed a number of clips. Approaching one of the assistant referees who supervised the arbitration of the match between the competitors. He is the Roman Octavian Schoffer. By approaching Haaland, nicknamed “The Golden Boy”.

In the tunnel while the player exits. In order to get his signature on his yellow card. And it really succeeds in ordering. And the player’s request.

Activists also shared the photos on social media platforms. Surprised about that incident. Wondering that it is not usual for a referee to ask players. Obtaining a signature after the confrontations.

Argentine coach Gordiola responded

The British newspaper, “Daily Mail” which published the news, reported that at the press conference, a journalist asked coach “Josep Guardiola” about that incident, to answer: “I was told about it, I myself have not seen anything.”

He also added, “Maybe he is a fan of Haaland, why not? Maybe signing for his son or daughter. I’ve never seen this before, but the rulers have done a good job. ”

Struggle to kidnap Haaland

The young Norwegian player Haaland is considered. One of the most prominent talents in the recent world of football, next to the French star Mbappe.

Also, European clubs are seeking to compete during the transfer season, the newspaper will benefit from its services. And joining his team. One of the most prominent clubs was Man City. Barcelona and its traditional rivals Real Madrid.

Match details

During the current league competitions, “Manchester City”, the English Premier League leader narrowly beat his German rival Dortmund with two goals to one goal. In the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals.

Belgian goal Bruin

And the Man City team managed to score the goal in the match against its German guest rival Dortmund. In the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final match.

In the 19th minute, after a beautiful and strong cross from Algerian player Riad Mehrez, it reached the feet of the Belgian “Kevin De Bruyne” to score brilliantly inside the guest net.

The two teams also witnessed intense competition and excitement between the competitors. With the guest team trying to score goals inside the home side, Manchester City. But he failed to do so. To end the result of the middle of the match with a clean goal without a response.

The equalizer for Dortmund

The German midfielder for Borussia Dortmund “Marco Reus” has scored 31 years. Against Man City in the 84th minute of the second half of the Champions League first-leg match. After a quick counterattack.

Deadly target

The Man City team also added, through English midfielder Phil Foden, a 20-year-old winning goal in the 90th minute before the end of the match between the rivals, to end the match with two goals against a single goal.

Haaland’s contract with Dutmund

As related to the Norwegian player Haaland, who received a wide response in the international media and newspapers. After his brilliance in the German league with the team. With a contract to 2024.

It is also in the event of his departure from the German club. He would generate a lot of income for his former club. Who suffers from a financial crisis due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, like other European clubs. The Norwegian player scored 21 goals for the team. During the ongoing German League competitions.

Laporta and the eye on Haaland

And the Spanish newspaper “Marca” indicated earlier, that the new president of Barcelona is “Laporta”. He wants to sign the 20-year-old Norwegian player, “Erling Haaland.” Top scorer for the German team Borussia Dortmund. Although the team stuck to it.

I also offered it with an incredible amount in light of the financial crisis that European clubs are suffering from in light of the Corona virus, as the amount reached 180 million euros.

Make an important deal

The Spanish newspaper “ABC” stated that the Real Madrid administration will take a harsh step in order to support its team’s offensive line.

It consists in selling a large number of his players before he is able to strike a great deal next summer, with the aim of planning the future of the vision of Real Madrid.

And the newspaper added, saying: “Real Madrid is planning to sign one of the duo, the star of Paris Saint-Germain, the French Kylian Mbappe, 22, or the top scorer of Borussia Dortmund, the Norwegian Erlin Haaland, 20 years.” Despite the vacant amounts for both players in the market, which exceeded 170 million euros.

Buy Mbappe and Haaland

And she continued, “The Spanish royal team needs 200 million euros to buy the stars Haaland or Mbappe, but before completing any deal, the Meringue will have to sell some of its players to provide the required amount. During the coming period. ”

Haaland and the cushioned letter

While the 20-year-old Norwegian player Haaland sent a number of letters to Real Madrid officials, indicating his desire to wear the Real Madrid shirt and move to his team, despite the fact that the player has a contract with the German club Dortmund until the next year 2023.

And the Spanish reports indicated that his contract with the German team includes among its clauses his contract with Dortmund amounting to 75 million euros, but it was not activated before the summer of 2022.

German league top scorer

Polish football legend Robert Levdowski is the top scorer, with 35 goals. With the leaders Bayern Munich.

And Andre Silva, who plays for Frankfurt with 21 goals, came second in the ranking. Equal to the third-placed Norwegian player Haaland in the ranks of Dortmund.

Whereas in fourth place in the standings Wouter Figurst with Wolfsburg, with 17 goals. And Andrej Kramaric came in fifth place with the Hoffenheim team, with 14 goals.

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