Pictures: A transgender wisdom leads the first ever Israeli League soccer match | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Israeli Premier League in football was the first of its kind, led by transgender wisdom Sapir Berman.

Her first appearance came during her refereeing match between the Hapoel Haifa team and Beitar Jerusalem last Monday evening, After announcing at the end of last April that she had converted to a woman.

Sapir Berman transgender

The 26-year-old wisdom, Sapir Berman, led an important match between Hapoel Haifa against his rival Beitar Jerusalem, after her transformation from a man to a woman in 2011, as the first transgender wisdom in the Premier League.

She practiced arbitration as a man

She was also practicing arbitration as a man by the name of “Sagi Berman”, before she became a woman and changed her name in 2011.

Berman went to the “Sami Ofer” field in Haifa, to run her first post-transgender match between Hapoel Haifa and Beitar Jerusalem.

Encouraging wisdom Sapir Berman

Many fans on the stands held up signs reading “Sapir, all with you,” along with applause and whistles in support of transgender wisdom.

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In an interview last April, transgender wisdom “Sapir” said, “I don’t know if I’m the first wisdom to do so, so I’m taking this step for me.”

Sapir added, “I have received many threats on social media, as well as having received support and assistance in order to support me to complete my sports career.”

Transformation details for Sapir Berman’s wisdom

“I have always considered myself a woman, from a very early age, since at first I did not know how to call it,” added Sapir.

She continued, saying, “I did not know how to describe it, but there was always an attraction to the female side, and there was envy of women, and I lived with it.”

Sapir-Berman revealed that her choice of a male-dominated profession made her hesitate to announce this profession, but about six months ago, “I decided to go out and show who I am, first to myself, for the sake of my soul.”

Federation of Referees and Support of Sapir Berman

In the same context, the President of the Referees Union in Israel, Ronit Teruch, said: “Wisdom Sapir Berman is courageous, as it began with a historic path rich in the history of Israeli football.”

The Israeli Knesset has approved the implementation and enforcement of many laws, in order to be lenient with the gay communities in Israeli society.

Marrying homosexuals

It also recognizes same-sex marriage abroad, but Jewish religious circles in Israel still consider homosexuality a taboo.

The Israeli Football Association wrote in its tweet on Twitter, a message saying: “We have a new referee, Sabir Berman, and we are very proud.”

Israeli league standings

Haifa tops the league standings with 71 points, followed by Maccabi Tel Aviv with 67 points.

While the Ashdod team came in third with 50 points, and Hapoel Irone ranked fourth with 44 points.

As for the Maccabi Petah Tikva team, in fifth place, with 43 points, the Hapoel Beer Sheva team is in sixth place with 41 points.

Betar Jerusalem and Haifa team and arrangement

Hapoel Haifa team comes in the second group standings of the Israeli Premier League in third place with 39 points, while Betar Jerusalem is in fourth place with 37 points.

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