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Pictures: Messi congratulates his wife, “Antonella”, on her birthday, in his own way A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Barcelona captain Lionel Messi, 33, has published on his personal account on the social networking site. A photo of him with his Argentine wife, “Antonella Roccuzzo”, on Instagram. On the occasion of her 33rd birthday.

The flea also commented “Messi” on the photo that he collected with his wife on the day of Milaha, saying: “Happy Eid, my life. I love you”.

While his wife “Antonella” published through her own account. A picture of her party accompanied by her husband, Lionel Messi, and his three sons, Taigo, Matteo and Siro Messi. They celebrate their 33rd birthday with a cake decorated with the New Year of Messi’s wife.

Celebration of Messi and his children in a photo that his wife Antonella Roccuzzo posted on Instagram

Messi is ashamed

It is known about the Argentine player and the Spanish League top scorer with 18 goals. Equally equal to the Portuguese leader with the same goals, Cristiano Ronaldo, with the same goal tally. But with the Italian team Juventus. Shyness especially when he was young.

But he confessed to his wife, “Antonella”, of his love for her since his childhood. He also used to visit the family home of their Barcelona star cousin Lucas Scalia. In order to see her regularly. Before their husband.

Attending the College of Dentistry

And also joined the wife of Argentine player Lionel Messi. Faculty of Dentistry at a university in her hometown Argentina. Then she switched to social media as a model, and after that she moved with Barcelona star Messi to live together. In order to raise their children, Taigo and Matteo. She also recently launched with the wife of Uruguayan player Luis Suarez “Sofia Balbi”. In the world of shoe fashion.

It is known that Messi’s wife is “Antonella”. Away from the limelight, the world of social media. Although her own Instagram account. It is followed by about 4 million Prime Time Zone. Unlike Ronaldo’s wife, who uses her account to showcase the fashion world and new outfits that she wants.

Messi and the record

Messi also broke the record by beating the legendary Brazilian Pele, who scored 643 goals for the Brazilian Santos team in all competitions with Barcelona. Messi recalled the beginning. Through his personal account on “Instagram”, saying: “When I started playing football, I never imagined that I would break any record, especially this one that I have broken now, which was registered in the name of Pele.”

And the Argentine Messi added: “I can only thank everyone who has helped me throughout these years, my colleagues, my family, my friends, and everyone who supported me every day.”

Pellet equation

Messi also equaled the number of the Brazilian Pele, to whom he congratulated Lionel Messi when he scored his 643 goal in a Barcelona shirt during the match that ended in a two-goal draw with Valencia for both rivals. Within the 15th round of the Spanish League this season.

The highest paid in history

And according to what the Spanish newspaper revealed, the last renewal contract signed by the Argentine player Messi, which he signed in 2017 AD, included the player receiving a fantastic salary of more than 555 million euros per year, which makes the player the highest paid in the history of football in the world.

In addition to revealing the newspaper, the former Spanish president, “Maria Bartomeu”, who recently resigned, contracted with Messi when he renewed his contract with Argentine player Lionel Messi to receive an annual salary of 138 million euros.

Messi’s daily salary

And the Spanish newspaper added, saying: “What Messi gets paid with the Spanish team Barcelona per day is about 380 thousand euros, and a net salary of taxes of 210 thousand euros.”

The newspaper added, “The Argentine player, Lionel Messi, was sued in the European Champions League, despite the failure of the Catalan team, to have received 92% of his salary in the last three seasons, at an estimated value of more than 510 million euros.”

He is also the top scorer in the Spanish League this season 2020-2021, the Argentine player in Barcelona’s Spanish team Lionel Messi with 18 goals. While his former Uruguayan teammate in Barcelona team Luis Suarez, who plays for Atletico Madrid, has scored 16 goals.

And in third place, Spanish player Gerard Moreno ranks with Villarreal, with 14 goals. Meanwhile, Moroccan player Youssef Al-Nassiri has scored 13 goals with the Spanish team, Sevilla, three goals behind the leaders.

A goal difference from the French cockerel Karim Benzema, the striker in the ranks of Real Madrid, which ranks fifth with 12 goals.

After the team recently returned to the winning streak again in its last matches. The French player was injured and will be absent from the Italian team at Atalatna in the Champions League and the domestic league as well.

League standings

He is at the top of the standings. Atletico Madrid, with 55 points. While the Spanish team Real Madrid, which succeeded in defeating Valladolid 1-0, remains in second place behind leaders Atletico Madrid with 52 points. Three points behind rivals Atletico Madrid.

And in third place is Seville, Spain, with 48 points, while in the center comes Barcelona, ​​which is losing ground in the competition this season, taking the lead with 47 points in the ranking table.

The Real Sociedad team came fifth in the order with 41 points, one point difference from the sixth-placed team, Villarreal comes with 37 points.

Real Betis ranks seventh with 36 points, equal to Real Betis, and in eighth place came the Levante team, which recently won the league leaders Atlético Madrid with 31 points.

In ninth place, the Granada team came with the same number of points, with 30 points, and in tenth place, the Celta Vigo team, with 29 points.

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