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The Spanish newspaper Marca revealed that Lionel Messi, 33, is the striker in the Spanish team Barcelona. He bought a giant and luxurious apartment in Miami, USA, for 7.3 million euros.

Messi and new condo purchase details

And the Spanish newspaper reported, the new apartment bought by the top scorer of the Spanish League with Barcelona Messi.

It consists of 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, and stunning views of the beachfront, as it is located in a prime location and a unique building in the center of the American city of Miami.

Messi’s apartment area

According to the Spanish reports that have published the news during the past days, the new apartment may have an area of ​​about 511 meters, in addition to a balcony of 195 meters.

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It also has swimming pools, a fitness room, a studio and other amenities within Messi’s new apartment.

Messi and a step to leave Barcelona

While that step was interpreted after the player Lionel Messi bought his new apartment, as a desire on the part of the Argentine star to end his professional career with his team Barcelona at the end of the current season, moving to the American League.

According to previous press reports, Messi had already bought about two years ago an apartment in the Porsche Design Tower. 60-story Miami Beach, for $ 5 million.

Messi’s wife and upscale place

Mundo Deportivo revealed earlier that Messi’s wife is “Antonella Roccuzzo”. Looking for a new home. In the city of “Graf” near Barcelona. For a change and an upscale place away from the crowds.

The idea of ​​Messi staying with Barcelona

The newspaper added that the focus of Messi’s wife is to find a new place in Barcelona at this time. It reinforces the idea of ​​the Argentine star Lionel Messi continuing with the Catalan team and the possibility of renewing his contract at the end of the current season.

Messi contract with Barcelona

The Argentine star, Lionel Messi’s contract with the Spanish team Barcelona, ​​is scheduled to expire next June of the year 2021. While the player has not decided yet to stay or leave Barcelona.

Messi and crowning the King’s Cup

And the Spanish team Barcelona succeeded to achieve the King’s Cup title. Last Saturday, after defeating rivals Athletic Bilbao, 4-0.

In addition to achieving his last victory over his rival Getafe in the Premier League, “La Liga”, with five precious goals to two. And continue the struggle to reach the top of the ranking.

The idea of ​​staying with Barcelona

Barcelona captain Lionel Messi has already informed Porta of the club’s president. In the idea of ​​staying within the ranks of the team until he decides to retire from the world of football.

But he set three conditions for his survival. So that he does not feel remorse for his decision when he thinks about retiring after two or three years. And ending his professional football career.

Messi’s terms

And those Spanish reports explained. That Lionel Messi had requested conditions for his stay with Barcelona, ​​which was to reinforce the striking power of the team with a world-class deal.

In addition to continuing to escalate the policy of the brightest jewels of Barcelona club “Lamasia”. With the necessity to retain young names such as Ansu Fati. Pedri.

The handling way

The Argentine player also asked Messi. To communicate directly with the Dutch coach, “Ronald Koeman”. As the player feels frustrated with the handling of previous coaches.

Messi also replied that maintaining the good relationship between coach Koman and the players in the ranks of the “Blaugrana” team. In addition to promoting positive dialogues with President Juan Laporta. And club technical secretary Roman Plans with the players.

Laporta pledged to keep Messi

Earlier, the new Barcelona president, Juan Laporta, said: “If I win the elections, I will seek to keep Lionel Messi in the Barcelona team. My close relationship with the “flea” reaches the level of friendship.

And the candidate Laporta took over the presidency of Barcelona. During the period (2003-2010) Barcelona presidency before winning the last elections. And that saw his recovery team recovery in its period at the level of the domestic league and the Champions League.

Messi and top of the league standings

The player, Lionel Messi, is at the top of the La Liga standings. During the current season, he scored 25 goals, 4 goals behind French Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema, who ranks the lead with 21 goals.

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