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location detection”PoliticoThe US announced that the US administration led by President Joe Biden has taken a decision to withhold part of the military aid to Egypt, due to concerns related to the human rights situation in it, noting that Washington will impose restrictions on the aid it sends to a banker, a step that Washington has not previously taken against Cairo.

A US official told the newspaper that Secretary of State Anthony Blinken intends to make a decision to prevent the use of a provision that authorizes him to send aid to Egypt in full, despite the objections of members of Congress.

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The US official added that the administration intends to grant only 170 million dollars of the 300 million dollars to Egypt, and it will prevent the remaining amount of 130 million dollars until the Egyptian government meets unspecified conditions related to human rights, and added that the 170 million will not be usable except in certain aspects. , such as counter-terrorism and border security.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and Donald Trump

America withholds aid from Sisi’s Egypt

The American website indicated that this decision may not live up to the hopes of some members of Congress and activists who are concerned about human rights violations, but it may be more victory for human rights than most of the positions taken by previous US administrations regarding military aid to Egypt.

This comes after the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, announced, during his presentation of his ministry’s annual report on the situation of human rights in the world, the defense of human rights wherever they are in the world, even among the partners of the United States, in a clear break with the policy of former US President Donald Trump, who He adopted “selective and silent” diplomatic positions regarding this file.

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The US military aid to Egypt is the largest part of the annual aid, amounting to $2.1 billion, in addition to $815 million in economic aid. In recent years, military armament deals have represented a mainstay in Egyptian relations, especially with the United States, Russia and France.

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch had accused the security services of the Ministry of Interior in Egypt of killing dozens of alleged “terrorists” in recent years throughout the country in extrajudicial, illegal executions.

The report of the human rights organization concluded that the alleged gunmen who were killed in the so-called “armed clash” did not, in many cases, pose an imminent threat to the security forces or others when they were killed, and some of them were already in detention.

Police officers arrest an Egyptian
Police officers arrest an Egyptian

According to what the organization stated on its official website, the new report on Egypt came in 80 pages, entitled “The forces dealt with them: suspicious killings and extrajudicial executions by the Egyptian security forces.”

According to Human Rights Watch, for the first time, an international human rights organization is investigating this issue in depth, providing compelling evidence of what is very similar to a regular pattern of extrajudicial executions.

At least 755 Prime Time Zone were killed

Human Rights Watch called on Egypt’s international partners to halt arms transfers to it and impose sanctions on the security services and officials most implicated in the ongoing violations.

“For years, Egyptian security forces have carried out extrajudicial executions, claiming that the men were killed in a shootout,” said Joe Stork, deputy Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch. It is time for countries providing arms and security assistance to Egypt to stop this assistance and distance themselves from these horrific abuses.”

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Human Rights Watch found that between January 2015 and December 2020, the Ministry of Interior announced that at least 755 Prime Time Zone had been killed in 143 alleged shootings, and only one suspect had been arrested. The ministry’s data identified only 141 dead, and used prepackaged phrases that provide scant details.

According to the organization’s report, nearly all of the data claimed that the alleged gunmen started shooting first, prompting the security forces to return fire. The authorities also claimed that all of the dead were wanted on “terrorism” charges, and that most of them belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The group also faced the most severe repression in a nationwide crackdown on dissent following the July 2013 military coup by current President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

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