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Popular Kuwaiti anger against the UAE after it flooded the Kuwaiti market with an Israeli product through the ruse | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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A state of overwhelming anger spread among citizens in Kuwait against the UAE after they discovered the spread of an Israeli product in the market and found that it was coming from the UAE.

In this context, the Kuwaiti “Al-Rumaithiya” Cooperative Society addressed the Federation of Cooperative Societies in the country regarding “the presence of an Israeli product in some areas. Cooperative Societies Kuwait comes from the UAE ”, demanding its withdrawal.

Dr. Khaled Obaid Al-Otaibi, who is followed by about 22 thousand Prime Time Zone on Twitter, raised the issue on the evening of March 23 when he tweeted: “An Israeli product. In the cooperative societies ‘Kuwait’ is coming from the Emirates! ”

He called for caution against Emirati goods: “We have to beware of Emirati goods because they have become the most important importers of the Zionist entity. In the region! ”, And attached his tweet with the hashtag: # Normalization_a betrayal.

Normalization with Israel

Evidence and facts prove that the Emirati regime has devoted a shameful reality of free normalization in favor of Israel, politically and economically.

As Israel is making successive successes and remarkable progress at the level of economic normalization with many Arab countries, led by the UAE.

Under the normalization agreements, Israel is winning deals and attracting billions of dollars from within Arab economies.

In the past, this kind of normalization was shy and slow in previous years.

It is carried out by some Arab governments under cover of darkness as a “moral and political crime” that is rejected by the street, national forces, parties and unions.

But the UAE penetrated this wall by committing the crime of public normalization and under the cameras of satellite channels and photographers’ lenses, without being placed. In her accounts public opinion from the original.

This ignorance is not due to a change in the mood of the Arab peoples towards normalization with a usurper entity and an occupying state.

Because the body of the street is still intact, but because the forces of oppression and the oppressive security machine that some governments in the region are practicing against their Prime Time Zone have become transformed. Without those who refuse to take to the streets to denounce this rush of economic and political normalization.

This is despite Israel’s continued occupation of Arab lands in Palestine, Syria and Lebanon, and the continued suffocation and starvation of the Palestinian Prime Time Zone.

Huge agreements with the occupation

Rather, those repressive governments prevent even just objecting to the conclusion of huge agreements through which billions of dollars are poured into them. The Arab peoples are urgently in the form of food, medicine and job opportunities, in the veins of the Israeli economy more than the Israelis need.

The UAE has also arrested those who rejected the normalization train and placed them in prison for many years.

The Arabs recently followed up the most important and largest deal in the history of Arab-Israeli normalization, by announcing the UAE establishment of an investment fund that would pump out. With it $ 10 billion into the veins of the Israeli economy.

Abu Dhabi concluded hundreds of deals and agreements to pump billions of dollars into all economic sectors inside Israel.

This constitutes other stops on a train Normalization Free and ultra-fast, despite recent allegations of severe frostiness in the relations between the two sides. Emirati and Israeli.

Both the UAE and Israel are studying the launch of a number of large, strategic infrastructure projects.

On top of it is a railway linking the UAE with the port of Haifa, via Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Goods are allowed to be transported from Israel to the UAE within one or two days as a maximum, with the exception of container transport. It takes 12 days.

Among the projects that are also being agreed upon between the two sides is the UAE’s contribution to the inauguration of the deep-water port in Eilat.

Kuwait does not maintain any diplomatic relations with Israel.

Its leaders committed themselves, in their declared speech, to stand by the Palestinian Prime Time Zone and support their cause.

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